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Camfil USA Air Filtration Introduces New CITY M Product

Camfil is now providing an air filter unit for smaller spaces, such as waiting rooms and hospitals, to bring clean air to everyone possible.

Riverdale, NJ, 06/27/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Being at the height of their industry, Camfil is now providing an air filter unit for smaller spaces, such as waiting rooms and hospitals, to bring clean air to everyone possible.

The particles in the air cannot be seen easily or often at all by the human eye, so it usually goes unnoticed for the danger that it truly is. Air quality affects overall health and wellness, especially targeting those with asthma and allergies. Camfil is known as the highest standard for industrial and commercial HVAC air filters. Now, Camfil has created the ideal product for everyone else.

The City M product has been available in Europe and other places, but is just now being released in the United States. This important opportunity needs to be taken seriously. Despite not being able to “see” the air quality or the visual difference, the studies and results speak for themselves. Using Camfil air filtration systems reduces sickness, which in turn reduces absenteeism at offices and schools. The filters lower the deterioration of buildings and improve energy efficiency. This product is a shield; it protects people.

When tested in a busy square in London with a lot of traffic, the City M unit provided much cleaner air. Outside there were 80-90 million particles per cubic meter; inside the office there were 12.5 million particles. But after the use of the City M air filtration unit, the room reduced to almost half of that number, resulting in about 7 million particles per cubic meter, even with people present in the office. It even runs quietly in the background in order to be auditorily unobtrusive to workers.

Camfil has proven their company to be one of quality and assurance, reaching beyond the standard equipment and outperforming their competitors. Being able to provide clean, safe work environments for people was not enough though. They have come along with the City M product to allow people in hospitals and anywhere else necessary to breathe easy.

Based in Sweden, Camfil has shown their worth as a company and product in numerous countries. They pass every test of quality and efficiency, making sure that their work makes a real difference.


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