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7 Tips to Get More Money For Your Home

Realtor reveals the inside secrets for increasing the value of your home.

Fort Lauderdale , FL, Broward, 06/14/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Spending money is not the only way to make money when it comes to selling your home. Regardless of the market climate, there are simple tried and true ways to boost the market value of your home and getting more out of your sale.  A house is a long-term investment. Home buyers want to know what they’re getting themselves into before they make the big decision, and are willing to pay more up front for less time and money spent later on down the road.    
“Put yourself in the shoes of the next owner of your home,” South Florida realtor Karina Etchever Williams, who is fluent in both English and Spanish, advises, “What do they want out of this investment, and what are they willing to put down more money in now for greater payoffs – in time, in money, and in peace of mind – in the next thirty years?”
Renovate With The Next Owner In Mind
Even if you’re not thinking about selling your house in the near-future, you can start making small renovations that go a long way. Start thinking like the next owner of your house. What would you have wanted to move into when you bought your home? What do you have to work with already? Turning an attic into a bedroom is a great way to bump up the value of your house. Outdoor additions like decks, porches, and patios are attractive to homebuyers because it is an investment in the quality of life. Green renovations increase the value of your home because it saves homeowners money on energy costs. These renovations and improvements can be as easy as installing low-flow faucets, weather stripping, and new windows.  
An easy way to get more money for your home is to paint the walls. Smudged, cracked, and peeling walls make your home look neglected even if it’s not. A fresh coat of paint with hues that give your home character changes the entire atmosphere of the building. Freshly painted walls set the tone for a fresh start, which is exactly what you want to sell to the next owner of your home.  
Improve Room Lighting 
Lighting is everything. The way a room is lit sets the atmosphere for the space, and old light fixtures mean more work for the new owner. Replacing light fixtures that are over fifteen years old and in bad condition is a cheap and easy way to ensure your home sells for more.  
Have a Presale Home Inspection
Prospective homeowners want to know what they’re getting themselves into. Having your home inspected affords them peace of mind, and will let them know what lays in store in the years to come. Even if your home needs work, buyers will actually pay more for the value of assurance, for the convenience of not having to organize the inspection themselves, and for not having to deal with any surprises after closing.
“Homeowners are more than willing to invest in certainty,” Williams explains. “Having your home inspected shows that you have nothing to hide, that you are honest and upfront, and that this is an investment they can count on. People are happy to pay more for a glimpse into their future for years to come.”
Know Your Buyer
Once you are ready to put your home on the market and show it to potential buyers, take some time to think about WHO will be making your house their new home. Is your home perfect for a family? For a couple? For an individual? How old are your potential buyers and what are their lives like? How will moving into this new home be the best option for their future? Think about what makes your house, your location, and your neighborhood unique. Is it secluded? Is it conveniently located? Are there parks or restaurants or activities to do? Is it close to a major highway or bus line? Does your home or garage have space for a workshop? Is the backyard fenced in? What renovations or improvements could be made to your house based on what’s already there? Think of what someone would want in a home and neighborhood. When it comes time to show your house, be sure to highlight these aspects of the house and neighborhood.
Williams advises that you talk to your realtor about who would want to make your house their home before showing it.
“Sit down with your agent and have a conversation about who would want to own your house and why” Williams advises. “Your agent will have insight into why people reach their decision on what house to buy. Brainstorm simple things you can do, and aspects of your house and neighborhood to highlight, to show the next owner of your house why this is the right home for them.”
Move Out – or at least move your stuff out
The key to selling your house for top dollar is to make potential buyers feel that they are walking into their own home when they arrive. The space should feel like a clean slate. This is not possible if your things are lying around everywhere. Clean out your personal belongings – especially highly personal items like family photos, collectibles, and articles of clothing. All of those decorations and special touches that turned your house into your home need to be moved out so potential buyers can project their own flavor onto the house. The person who ultimately buys your house will feel right at home when they walk through the door, not as though they are walking into someone else’s house. Additionally, if they feel that they need to do more to turn this house into their own space, they will try to pay less for it because it will feel like more work in the future. Make moving in and personalizing the space feel easy and they will invest more.
Clean, Clean, Clean! 
First impressions are everything! Think of it as your house going in for a job interview – it must dress the part. That means presenting at its best, cleaned and polished, with all of the most striking features of your home accentuated. Investing in having your home professionally deep cleaned has been found to yield thousands of dollars in its sale. In fact, a recent survey by HomeGain found that by investing $100-200 in cleaning your house before showing it to potential buyers, the value of the house increases $1500-2000. A clean house feels well-cared for and easy to move right into. No one is going to buy your house if all they can think about is how much cleaning is in store when they move in. A dirty house looks neglected. Even if you invest in renovations, repairs, and improvements, you will not sell your house for its highest value if it’s covered in dust and smudges. So get cleaning before you take photos for a real estate website, or show your house to potential buyers.
For more tips on how to get more money for your home, consult with Karina Etchever Williams by phone at 954-918-3290.  

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