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Three Reasons to RESTORE Rather than Replace Damaged Property

Your first instinct might be to toss damaged property out. Think again.

Vero Beach, 05/11/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

When water damage, mold damage, or fire damage occurs, property owners must act quickly and make important decisions that will impact both the well-being of the people living and working in these homes and buildings, as well as the long-term property value of the structure. Putting off dealing with water damage quickly can lead to a mold infestation, which is notoriously difficult to eradicate. Fire damage continues on even after the smoke clears. Furniture and building materials have complex chemical compounds that continue to break down once triggered by heat. Did you get a great deal on your new home? Did you buy a flip? There’s a reason, and it may not be apparent at first. Mold and water damage that the previous owner did not address, or addressed only superficially, are common in inexpensive houses and buildings.  

When it comes to deciding what to do about these damages, property owners must choose between replacement or new development, and restoration. The choice is not always apparent. Many property owners see replacement and new development as upgrading their property, saving time, and enhancing property value. This is not always the case, and the reasons why are not always obvious. In the face of an onslaught of new development, restoration may be the right choice for your property. Here is why:
Restoration saves money and resources.
When you choose to restore damaged property, most of the cost goes into labor rather than materials. The cost of new materials, extracting, processing, and transporting these materials, and developing new infrastructure add up quickly financially and environmentally. At the same time, demolition puts damaged in dumps rather than repaired and in place. For this reason, restoration is a green solution to problems that arise from damaged property. At the same time, choosing restoration over replacement or new development stimulates the local economy because the bulk of the expense is local labor costs. Materials do not have to be extracted and shipped in from elsewhere, so your investment stays local, which is exactly where your property is as well. 
Restoration ensures lasting property value.
Choosing restoration over replacement or new development when your home or building has issues retains its historical value. Beyond preserving the character of your house and contributing to the living history of your neighborhood, this is also a good, long-term, economic investment. Properties that remain structurally true to their era and history tend to appreciate in value faster and are resistant to market volatility. Even in times of economic downturn, these homes and buildings retain their market value.  
It may turn out that water or mold damage is the best thing that could have happened for the value of your home. Incentives exist to preserve history and architectural styles that reflect the history of cities, counties, and neighborhoods. Special loans, grants, and other forms of assistance are available to homeowners and property owners who opt for restoration over replacement. 
Restoration saves time.
When you’re facing emergency damages or water and mold issues that can quickly escalate, saving time is essential to retaining property value and ensuring those who live and work in your building are kept safe and healthy. Whether you are responding to a disaster or acute property damage, or just recently found out about a latent mold infestation hiring a restoration service is the efficient option for dealing with these problems and any resulting problems all at once.
Keith Grella is the second-generation owner of restoration company ServiceMaster by Glenn’s and has been growing the business for the past 23 years. Having grown up around restoration work, Grella is one of Florida’s top disaster planning and recovery services authority, commonly called in to consult for property owners, contractors, and insurance agents. He was also called in for emergency recovery services for damages caused by Hurricanes Frances, Jean, Wilma, and Ike.
“Issues resulting from water damage, fire damage, and mold escalate quickly if not addressed,” explains Grella. “When you hire a restoration company, we send in a team of contractors to examine all of the possible aspects of your home or building that tend to be affected by the initial damages sustained, or that tend to be the root causes of the damages.”
Restoring damaged property is highly specialized work that requires technical know-how, as well as an understanding of past building styles, especially common quirks and shortcomings inherent to each era of architecture, plumbing, electricity, and air circulation. Keep in mind that restoration is only the best option when it is done right the first time.
To learn more about ServiceMaster by Glenn’s and Grella’s family’s restoration work, visit their website at or via email to [email protected] or call 772-567-4435


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