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App Empire 2.0 Review: Chad Mureta will close the doors in under 24 hours

Chad Mureta is CLOSING the doors after 24 hours for his all-new App Empire 2.0 coaching program. Last chance today.

Sarasota, FL, USA, 02/17/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

App Empire 2.0 is a step-by-step course will walk members through the entire process of building a profitable mobile app business that sets them up for long-term success. From building an app, to marketing their digital product, to replicating their success and scaling their business, they will learn the whole thing from start to finish.

Those wishing to purchase App Empire 2.0 by Chad Mureta and Carter Thomas, or for more information, visit this website

The mobile app boom has made success stories out of individuals who turned a great idea for a mobile application into a monthly revenue stream. However, for every success story, there are hundreds whose apps went bust. What are the common trends between successes and failures in mobile app development? What is the overall business plan? How can one become a so-called ‘Appreneur’? The App Empire 2.0 documents answers to these questions in an effort to empower anyone to become a successful Appreneur.

There are currently more than 4.6 billion cell phones being used worldwide, enough for two-thirds of the people on Earth. The app market is literally the fastest growing industry in history, with no signs of slowing down. Now is the perfect time to jump into the mobile game. Today, apps are bigger than the entire Hollywood industry, and they are projected to top 70 billion dollars by 2017.

Chad Mureta didn’t know a line of code or have any seed investment when he developed his first mobile application. In fact, Mureta developed his first app for only $1,800! App Empire walks through the common pitfalls and strategies to working with an outside development team.

“In just over two years, Chad have created and sold three app companies that have generated millions in revenue. Two months after launching his first company, one of his apps averaged $30,000 a month in profit. In December of 2010, the company’s monthly income had reached $120,000. In all, he developed more than 40 apps and have had more than 35 million app downloads across the globe. Over 90 percent of my apps were successful and made money.”

Mureta claims to spend over 80 percent of his time on market research of top trending applications. This market research sets the stage for not only the app idea, but also sales and marketing plans. Becoming a frequent mobile app user is core to deep market research. Understanding what the customer wants and the traits of top trending apps will provide design direction and strategic marketing insights.

“Chad has created a program around what may be one of the biggest and fastest growing markets right now, Apps. He’s not only found proven ways to sell Apps in his business he’s literally written the book on it. Now he’s come up with new strategies on App Empire 2.0 course and is teaching business owners how to leverage them by being even better than their competition.”

App Empire 2.0 by Chad Mureta, Carter Thomas doesn’t give user a bunch of hype about apps it just give members a proven model that Chad Mureta and his team have been using to build up their business through Apps. There is a reason that Chad and his business have done so well with apps and a reason that his programs are the best for business owners looking to sell apps on the Internet…simply put they get people real results,” reports Mohamed Mnafeg. “It is not just a program about building apps, but a very specific strategy for business owners to get the most out of Apps quickly, inexpensively and by following a proven model. The techniques in the program have been carefully designed to be very effective.”

Everything in the course is accessible online through any computer or mobile device and any web browser (no downloading required). This is a drip course, which means the first module will be available when user sign up, and the subsequent modules will be released weekly.

If someone has questions or needs more information on App Empire 2.0 they can read a full App Empire review by going to

“Many people have heard about the profit potential for developing apps, but many don’t realize just how simple the process can be,” says Mohamed Mnafeg. “With the training provided in App Empire 2.0, users can quickly build an app even with zero previous programming know-how. Then, what’s really cool is that user can start selling his app right away.”

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