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SocialCentiv’s Retail Holiday Deal? Lower Ad Costs and Higher ROI

One Dress Retailer Sees a 60 Percent Click Through Rate on Party Dresses using SocialCentiv

Dallas, TX, United States, 11/11/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

SocialCentiv, whose marketing software helps companies find customers on Twitter, is helping retailers spend less money to reach more holiday shoppers – right at the moment they’re looking for that perfect gift or party venue.

“As we head into the 2015 gift-buying rush, retailers and restaurants are facing a paradox,” says Bernard Perrine, co-founder and CEO of SocialCentiv. “While this is shaping up to be a robust period for doing business, stores and eateries alike are struggling to find and retain customers.”

SocialCentiv’s technology service, which helps businesses find Tweets in real time from prospective customers who are ready to buy their products or services, can dramatically lower the cost of finding clientele.

“As we have previously demonstrated, restaurants and dining spots pay an average of $1.83 per click when using our service, a savings of 71 percent compared to the average of $6.49 they must shell out on Google AdWords,” Perrine says. “Retailers see an average cost per click of $2.59 with us, a 53 percent reduction from the average of $5.54 they will spend on Google AdWords.”

For the retail and restaurant industries, where profit margins can sometimes be challenging, SocialCentiv’s service provides the Holy Grail that a marketing tool should deliver. “We give a measurable return on investment,” he says.

SocialCentiv helps one retailer sell party dresses

One local dress designer and retailer uses SocialCentiv to sell party dresses and bridal gowns. In September alone, its campaign generated 6,585 impressions1, 1,091 engagements2 and experienced a 60 percent click through rate.

How it worked: SocialCentiv’s software searched designated geographic locations for keywords like dress, gown, homecoming 2015 and hoco. Relevant Tweets received a personalized “@” reply with a link directly to the website.

“SocialCentiv has helped clients target hyper local customers where their stores are,” says Perrine. “By looking for Tweets where potential customers specifically mentioned a dance or fancy party, we were able to put their product directly in front of them and offer so many styles it was easy to choose one!”

Good times, difficult obstacles

While economic conditions may not be perfect heading into the holidays, late November and the month of December are looking like prime selling times, experts say.

The National Retail Federation is expecting the post-Thanksgiving period to bring in a robust $630.5 billion for the industry, or about 19 percent of its 2015 revenue.

The trade group believes retailers’ revenue from this holiday period will rise 3.7 percent compared to the 2014 holiday season – well above the 10-year average of 2.5 percent.

Similarly, the National Restaurant Association has forecast that eateries will bring in a record $709.2 billion in sales this year.

About SocialCentiv

SocialCentiv is a full-service Twitter marketing company that helps companies find new customers on Twitter with their patented software. Using a business’ keywords and geographic location, SocialCentiv combs Twitter in real time looking for relevant Tweets that express an intent to purchase a product or service. The business can “@” reply directly back to potential customers with a customized, personal message and a discount or offer to get them in the door. For example, @JaneDoe Tweets about being really hungry for pizza. A local pizza parlor finds her Tweet using SocialCentiv, and Tweets directly back with a personal message and a coupon for free salad and soda with her pizza at lunch. SocialCentiv has a 34 percent average “click through rate,” and some industries – like restaurants, hotels and sports marketing – have much higher averages.

Since May 2013, SocialCentiv has received $12 million in funding. For more information, go to, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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1. Impressions = number of times a user is served a Tweet in timeline or search results

2. Engagements = number of times a user interacted with a Tweet

For more information, contact Karen Carrera, TrizCom, 972-207-1935, [email protected] or @kjcarrera.


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