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When Fort Worth Wrecks Are Caused by Repeated Bad Behaviors of Reckless Drivers

Fort Worth car accident attorney examines recent reports of a motorcycle crash investigation revealing a past reckless driving conviction of the suspect.

11/02/2015 // 1-800 Car Wreck Fort Worth // (press release)

Recently near Granbury, a motorcycle crash occurred that left two people injured. Footage from the collision between a passenger vehicle and a motorcycle was taken at the scene that has since gone viral after the suspect accused of causing the wreck was heard saying “I don’t care” in response to being told he had hit a motorcyclist. The video has garnered approximately 3 million Facebook views.

The man was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on two counts, and the DA was investigating whether his actions leading up to the crash were intentional. The suspect reportedly caused a motorcyclist to crash his vehicle by swerving left as he attempted to pass him.

Source: Star Telegram Report “Man arrested in Granbury motorcycle wreck after Hood County DA investigates”

“GRANBURY – A 68-year-old driver involved in a weekend motorcycle wreck that left a woman in critical condition was arrested Monday night, Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds said…William Crum faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, which is a second-degree felony, for his involvement in the motorcycle wreck, Rob Christian, Hood County district attorney, told the Star-Telegram on Monday night…Crum’s bail was set Tuesday morning at $75,000 for each charge, Deeds said.”

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Most recently, reports say the suspect was also arrested in previous years for reckless driving behaviors that put others in harm’s way. One incident occurred in 2007, and resulted in his being convicted of reckless driving and making a terroristic threat.

Source: Star Telegram Report “Suspect in Granbury motorcycle accident threatened youths in 2007”

“Crum was convicted in 1994 in Somervell County of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and in 2007 in Somervell County of reckless driving and making a terroristic threat… As Rinderknecht and a friend approached Crum’s home, Rinderknecht, now 21 and a junior at Tarleton State University, said he noticed Crum in his car near the end of the driveway.

“You can’t really see his driveway from the road,” he said, “but we could see he was waiting in his car. He shot out of his driveway trying to hit us… Crum missed, narrowly, before yelling at the two boys, Rinderknecht said… According to a Somervell County police report, Crum told the boys to “Get off my [expletive] road, or I will run you down.”

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The Legal Consequences of Reckless Driving

According to Fort Worth motorcycle accident lawyer Amy Witherite of Eberstein Witherite LLP, there has long been a widespread issue with drivers of passenger vehicles and big rigs not viewing motorcyclists as equals on the road. The Fort Worth attorney says “many motorcycle accidents have been caused as a result of drivers refusing to see the safety of motorcyclists as important as their own leading some to go to extremes like the one involving the Granbury accident to send the inaccurate message that they don’t have the same rights on the road as everyone else.”

The problem of reckless driving is not limited to these issues; however, Witherite also notes. There are also major concerns about drivers who engage in risky behaviors on the road repeatedly and don’t seem deterred by all of the legal consequences they may face.

Says the lawyer, “Many drivers who drive recklessly have been shown to have a record of or admit to a pattern of the behavior over a period of time.”

One thing that has proven effective in deterring the habits of many; however, has been forcing reckless drivers to be financially responsible for the damages they have caused by their behaviors. Laws in Texas and most other states permit injured accident victims to pursue legal claims for damages to recover unwarranted expenses like medical bills from those liable. Individuals can contact a personal injury attorney to get an assessment of their legal options if they have been involved in a serious Fort Worth accident caused by a reckless driver.


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