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WWI Soldier’s Patriotic Carving Found under Western Front Battlefields

For the Fourth of July, Hidden World of WWI Releases New Photo

Dallas, TX, 07/01/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

 In honor of Independence Day, Jeff Gusky reveals a special new photograph from The Hidden World of WWI collection. “US Forever” was carved by a WWI American soldier from the 1st Division in an underground city near Cantigny, France.


 “The raw emotional impact of WWI soldiers’ hand-written inscriptions compels me to find more undiscovered places where soldiers left their mark,” Gusky says. “To think that these young men, who were facing the unimaginable horror of the world’s first modern mass destruction, left behind messages to the future, not knowing if anyone would ever see them, is deeply moving. In these underground spaces beneath the trenches, the soldiers’ emotions are frozen-in-time. It’s as if 100 years ago is yesterday.” 


Attached you’ll find the new photo that an American soldier patriotically carved to leave his mark on war-torn France. It’s a copyrighted photo, so please use it with Copyright (c) 2015, Jeffrey Gusky, All Rights Reserved. Interested in more? Visit Jeff’s photo gallery and use the password HIDDENWORLD to download photos.



About The Hidden World of WWI

The Hidden World of WWI is a collection of recent black-and-white photographs revealing the haunting presence of WWI underground cities and century-old surface remnants that make 100 years ago seem like yesterday. The collection includes thousands of photographs of a world frozen in time on battlefields and in forgotten underground rock quarries, adjacent to the front-line trenches that were quickly transformed into modern underground cities complete with power plants, rail, telecommunications, housing, chapels, hospitals, and an abundance of art and handwritten inscriptions. This hidden world shows us how soldiers on both sides of the conflict held onto their humanness while modern mass destruction raged above ground. You can find samples of the collection at Follow The Hidden World of WWI on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter, where a new photograph will be revealed each day through 2019, the end of the WWI centenary.


About the artist

Jeff Gusky lives two lives – one as an explorer and fine-art photographer and the other as a practicing emergency physician.  He is a National Geographic photographer and works on assignment for The New York Times.


Two books of black-and-white photography, multiple national exhibitions including the pairing of his work with the Spanish master Francisco de Goya and the legendary early 20th Century photographer Roman Vishniac, inclusion in a Broadway play and the honor of a Gusky traveling exhibition being ranked by Artnet Magazine on its 2009 list of the top 20 museum shows in America mark Jeff Gusky’s fine-art career. He explores the world – photographing traces of the past that reveal how modern life affects our humanity and that inspire us to ask questions about the vulnerabilities of modern life that can help keep us safe and human.


Press kit photos:, password: HIDDENWORLD


For more information, contact:

Karen Carrera, TrizCom, (m) 972.207.1935, [email protected]

Katie Hill, TrizCom, (o) 972-247-1369, [email protected] 


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