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Fatal Accident Rate Declines for Teen Drivers By Attorney Amy Witherite

New safety features in cars, such as electronic stability systems, also likely contributed to the lowered number of fatalities.

06/26/2015 // 1-800-Car-Wreck // (press release)

Dallas auto accident attorney Amy Witherite notes that a recent news article reports that the number of teenage drivers involved in fatal crashes has dropped by more than half over the past decade. According to the report, the number of drivers age 16 to 19 who were involved in fatal crashes in 2013 fell to 2,568 from 5,724 in 2004. That is a 55 percent drop. This encouraging statistic is likely a result of safer vehicles, the age at which drivers are getting licensed, and restricted licenses for young drivers.


Graduated license programs likely contributed greatly to the reduction in fatalities. These programs impose limits on young drivers; as the drivers grow older, the limits are gradually released. For example, a restriction might prevent teenagers from driving at night or from having more than one passenger.


Another factor concerns the age at which a teenager first gets a license. Some drivers are waiting longer to get licenses, often after the age of 18. Nationwide in 2013, only about three in four high school students 16 and older reported driving in the past month. An 18 year old driver is likely more mature than a 16 year old driver, so people who begin to drive at 18 may have fewer crashes than those who begin to drive at 16.


Another factor concerns car safety features. New safety features in cars, such as electronic stability systems, also likely contributed to the lowered number of fatalities.


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