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Fridayd LLC, Charlotte NC based start-up, issues second wave beta test results

Data shows that job search and application process “hack” provide greater time savings

, 05/12/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

CHARLOTTE NC, May 12, 2015 – Fridayd LLC, focused on dramatically changing the dynamics of the online search and application process for job seekers, announced the results of its second wave of beta test results. The company also announced substantial growth in its user base.

For it its second wave of customers, Fridayd reviewed 72,000 jobs from different online sources, recommended 521 jobs, with users indicating that 66% of the recommended jobs highly matched their needs.  Fridayd applied to 177 positions on behalf of users.

“When we compare the results of the first wave to the second, we see greater efficiency improvements benefiting our users,” said Carlos E. Paz, Founder and CEO of Fridayd, “We went from an average of 37 hours saved per user on job search/application in the first wave to 47 hours in the second wave. Or, put another way, a week‘s worth of searching and applying that each user can now use in more enriching activities. This translates to the group saving 41 days or over 8 weeks.”

The company also announced that it had grown from 2 users to 50 since March largely through word of mouth, strategic partnerships and its Kickstarter campaign

Fridayd was formed in December 2014 with the insight that the online search and application process is time-consuming and repetitive for the average job seeker. Applicants spend countless hours online searching job boards and filling out applications, putting the rest of their life on hold. The job seeker is busy stressing out instead of preparing for success. By allowing job seekers to outsource this element of the process, Fridayd enables job seekers to focus on the critical areas of networking, researching, or preparing for interviews.

Fridayd’s offering is simple and turnkey. Users provide Fridayd specialists with information to conduct job searches. The specialists find the appropriate jobs that meet search criteria. The user rates each job and indicates which ones to apply for. The company applies and monitors progress. Through the job rating process, the company is able refine the parameters of the search resulting in ever more targeted job search results.

The company is at the tail end of a Kickstarter campaign to finance the software that will automate large elements of the process allowing algorithms to match user requirements with opportunities, monitor and manage searches, recommend contacts in user networks to engage with for relevant opportunities. Backers receive Fridayd t-shirts, mugs and free trials of the service depending on the level of their contribution.

To learn more about Fridayd visit

To view the Fridayd release that discusses the results of the of the first beta wave click here:

To support Fridayd through its Kickstarter campaign please visit:

For more information please contact:

Khurram Mirza

Founder – Fridayd



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