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Orlando firm releases New, Upgraded Touch System™ for Hotels

Stark Service Solutions, LLC, a provider of Cloud Based, Customer Service Enhancement Applications for the Hospitality Industry, a New Product Release

, 04/14/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

ORLANDO, FL (April 14, 2015, 2015) – As hotel Owners and Managers continue to look for ways to increase their property’s “bottom line”, their focus remains fixed on finding ways to ensure the best possible experience for each and every guest. To be successful, each hotel department and each employee, must work together to reach the common objective: a happy customer that will come back again and again. The New Touch System™ by Stark Service Solutions, LLC, provides the Hospitality Industry everything it needs to guarantee success in providing superb customer service.

In making the announcement of the New Touch System™, Stark Service Solutions President and CEO, Naomi Stark, discussed several of the upgrades to their program and how it will impact the industry: “Communication, accountability, and recognition are the cornerstones of our industry.  Historically, properties have suffered the ill effects of manual, paper-based systems and the “silo” effect of departments operating independently of each other.  With this new Touch System™ release, the efforts of Human Resources, Training, and Operations are bridged together into a simple application that any manager or supervisor can access from their smart phone.” 

Useable on any device that connects to the Internet, the various Touch System™ modules enable hotel management and staff to:

1) Maintain their facilities in pristine condition

2) Sustain a culture of highly engaged team members                                           

3) Create a team of advanced, guest-centric hospitality specialists

4) Keep all departments engaged and communicating

The response in the Hospitality Industry to the new program has been very positive.  J.C. Ayers, Vice President of Human Resources for the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa, FL, had this to say: “Management and Team Member training was the catalyst for our guest service and employee engagement initiative.  The Touch System™ enables us to sustain our efforts in the form of an ongoing campaign vs. a short-lived program.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by Blake Wahrlich, of the Best Western PLUS Clock Tower Inn of Billings, MT:

“The Touch System™ by STARK has really been a great tool in helping us create a guest-centric culture where all our employees can see up-to-date communications on guests’ needs and what our co-workers have done to help make their stay an enjoyable one.  The Touch System™ has also allowed us to bring back of house and front of house under one umbrella to create a much simpler interface for all our employees.”

Stark Service Solutions has focused its attention on the hotel industry, but Ms. Stark envisions the Touch System™ being used in a variety of customer service industries that also want and need to have their customers’ experience superior service every time. She noted: “The new release further automates much of what management is customarily expected to do in caring for their staff and guests.  Streamlining and centralizing communication, accountability, recognition, and guest experience management, is further enhanced by Touch Reports which give users real time archived information and analytics that they’ve only wished for in the past.  The fit is ideal for several industries and you can expect to see the Touch System™ available to Healthcare and the Attractions industry in the coming months.”


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