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icarus Machina: Laptop with a LIFTABLE touchscreen

Tactile Feedback on a Touchscreen now is reality.

02/25/2015 (press release: icarusMachina) // Bologna, Italy // Ben Del Greco

Students from the university of Bologna have developed a new tactile touchscreen technology and they applied it to a laptop.

This new touchscreen is called “MLB” which stands for “Modular-Liftable-Bezelfree” and it can lift parts of itself because it consist of screen modules that move up and down thanks to compressed air pushed into the modules by a small pump. This display allows the user to lift a keyboard, a piano keyboard or any other shape in order to have a tactile feedback while pressing on the keys. On this laptop users will be able to use a flat touchscreen and, at the same time, lift a specific number of keys (or modules) of any size and shape.

When modules are all flat they work as a single touchscreen, but the ones lifted will work only when pressed in order to avoid unwanted touches.

The technology may allow blind people to start writing and reading easily on blogs thanks to a braille lifted keyboard, which can be personalized by users, and braille translated web pages.

The icarus Machina is still a project and the Team is looking for funds on Indiegogo in order to make it a real product.


The team has also developed a “Crowd development” system based on “voting credits” which allows all Indiegogo contributors to participate actively to the icarus Machina design and hardware development so they can also follow step by step how the team is realizing the project.

Voting credits were conceived in order to give more voice to who chose more expensive perks on the Indiegogo campaign.

About icarus Machina:

Icarus is an Italian Tech start-up founded by Engineering and Economics students from the University of Bologna, Italy. All the info related to icarus are available on Indiegogo:


To learn more about this project, please contact:

Ben Del Greco, CEO & co-founder

Via Alessandro Guardassoni, 10

Bologna, Bo; 40133 IT

Office: (+39) 329 356 4966

email: [email protected]

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