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King Mohammed VI’ s speech to the nation on 39th anniversary of Green March

King Mohammed VI’ s speech to the nation on 39th anniversary of Green March

King Mohammed VI' s speech to the nation on 39th anniversary of Green March

11/07/2014 (press release: media1press)

HM King Mohammed VI delivered, on Thursday,  an important speech to the nation on the occasion of the 39th Anniversary of the peaceful Green March that ended the Spanish colonization in southern Morocco.

 The king began his speech by announcing his decision to implement the advanced regionalization project as well as the development model in the southern provinces as part of that endeavor.

“Our goal is to break with the previous system of governance and to enable the inhabitants of the region to participate in the management of their local affairs in a transparent, responsible way, making sure equal opportunity is guaranteed,” the sovereign said.

HM the King also reminded that it took over forty years to recover the land, free the people and to make sure all fellow citizens in the Sahara enjoy a dignified life.

In this context , the monarch paid tribute ”to the mothers and fathers who lost sons for the sake of the Sahara and to the young people who have been deprived of their freedom, and who have lived for many years as prisoners, for the sake of the Sahara”.

His Majesty  also recalled that ” since we recovered the Sahara, for every single dirham of revenue from the Sahara, the state invests 7 dirhams there, as part of the solidarity between the regions and between the sons and daughters of the nation. As for human development indicators in the region in 1975, they were 6% lower than in northern Morocco, and 51% lower than in Spain”

The monarch came to the conclusion that the Sahara is not an issue for Saharan people only but is the cause of all Moroccans and consequently, Morocco rejects all practices designed to undermine its security and stability.

The king went on to say that the real martyrs are those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of the freedom and independence of their country and not those who are exploiting the rights and freedoms offered by the homeland to conspire against it.

The sovereign deplored the fact  that ”unless Algeria – the main party in this conflict – is held accountable, there will be no solution”. The king also warned that  without a responsible approach to the tense security situation in the region, there will be no stability.

”The autonomy initiative is the maximum Morocco can offer in terms of negotiation to achieve a final solution to this regional conflict,” concluded the king.

The monarch recognized that the governance system in the Sahara was marked by certain malfunctions which, over the years, led to a rentier economy and to undeserved privileges and this  has given rise to resentment and to a growing sense of injustice and exclusion among some segments of the population.

In this regard , the king warned ”For these people, extortion has become a deep-rooted doctrine  ,I say: That is enough of this rentier policy and privileges! Stop earning a livelihood at the expense of the homeland!”

The sovereign concluded his speech by paying tribute to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Organization and to the major international powers – especially the United States of America and the White House in particular – for making a positive contribution at various stages to finding a solution to this issue.

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