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German actor, film producer and writer Varick Addler takes Hollywood by storm

Mr. Addler pursues a personal film goal in Hollywood. With “Expendables 4” a dream would come true for him.

09/12/2014 (press release: Smith8585) // Beverly Hills, California, USA // PR Publicity & Marketing Inc

Varick Addler is a man of many talents. He is not only an actor, but also a film producer, writer, and philanthropist. He has starred in countless European films and television shows. Varick Addler is an actor with a passion so great that it cannot be vanquished. He is the type of person that resembles the strongest work ethic we have seen so far from any actor. He spends countless hours working on his character with a work ethic that is hard to match due to his heavy concentration. He also sets high goals for himself, that every actor with his imagination is required to do in order to make it to the top. Varick’s ultimate dream is to get a role in the Expendables 4 film. When asked why he answered that from his childhood years he dreamed of playing in the expendables. According to him the characters in the story were the heroes of his youth.
The German actor Varick Addler is also a writer with a great talent for literature in every respect. His upcoming latest book is titled the. The Seven Seals- The Book of Revelation. The novel is scheduled to be released in bookstores in 2015. The film based on the novel is planned to come out in 2016. The book is an intriguing story about the apocalyptic last days of our age mentioned in the bible. It refers to the time prior to the new era, before the antichrist shows up. The story is a race against time to save all of humanity. The book is full of action, prophecy, suspense, betrayal, and much more.
What distinguishes Varick is his desire to give to charity just as much as he gives to the world of acting in his performances. He encourages donations to be made to countries suffering from Earthquakes such as Haiti. Varick is also full of compassion for those who are infected with the deadly virus AIDS. He realizes the importance of saving people’s lives and tells that more donations provided will help fund the research needed to discover the cure for AIDS. Helping cancer patients and making donations to kids with deadly diseases is another way in which Varick believes the common person can help. This brilliant actor wants to spread awareness to the greatest cause of all: the one that involves charity the largest leap for mankind.
Finally what makes Varick Addler the German actor very unique is his ability to think more creatively than most people. Even the professionals in the industry can acknowledge this when looking at his philosophical way of thinking. When asked why he designed the movie poster for The Expendables 4 he replied saying that life itself isn’t black and white. According to him in reality life consists of at least a million gray areas, but black and white are the colors used in photography. So in other words black and white symbolize hope and despair, which is why he used them in the film poster.

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