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Dallas Car Wreck Lawyer Report – GM Backlash Over Fatal Crashes Intensifies

Dallas Car Accident Attorneys of 1800 CAR WRECK says the automaker’s statements in a criminal probe leaves many questions unanswered.

Dallas Car Accident Attorneys of 1800 CAR WRECK says the automaker’s statements in a criminal probe leaves many questions unanswered.

08/13/2014 (press release: EbersteinWitherite) // Amy Witherite

As the criminal investigation continues into the actions of automaker General Motors, concerning a vehicle safety defect, more doubt has been cast on GM’s credibility, say the Dallas injury lawyers of 1800 CAR WRECK. A recent report by The New York Times discusses the automaker’s reluctance to provide details about the circumstances surrounding the ignition switch defect related crashes, which it has linked to the deaths of at least 13 victims.

Source: The New York Times Report “Documents Show General Motors Kept Silent on Fatal Crashes”

“The company repeatedly found a way not to answer the simple question from regulators of what led to a crash. In at least three cases of fatal crashes…G.M. said that it had not assessed the cause.”

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1800 CAR WRECK accident injury attorneys note that in cases like that of GM, a failure to answer questions in a serious criminal probe about determinations made in their own investigation are not helpful to an automaker’s cause of proving there has been no cover up. Justice Department investigators are seeking to find out whether GM knew about the faulty ignition switch problem before lives were lost, or whether they hid information from safety regulators about the deadly flaw.

GM’s Chief Executive Mary Barra was grilled for answers to these and other questions during a recent Senate Commerce subcommittee hearing.

Source: The Huffington Post Report “Senators Demand Answers From General Motors Chief Executive”

“U.S. senators on Thursday demanded to know why General Motors Co did not fire its top lawyer after it was revealed this year that the automaker’s litigation department knew of a widespread and deadly ignition flaw but failed to escalate the safety issue.”

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According to the 1800 CAR WRECK team, victims of auto defect related crashes and their families typically face numerous challenges in ensuring that manufacturers are held accountable for their actions. In cases where a fatal accident has occurred, families who are not provided timely answers to their pressing questions have an added burden of trying to see that justice is done for their loved ones while trying to grieve. For families of victims and survivors of these crashes, moving forward can seem impossible when automakers choose to remain silent about important facts obtained from an investigation.

The attorneys of 1800 CAR WRECK say that it is important that survivors of motor vehicle crashes linked to an auto defect, or their loved ones in the event of a wrongful death, have a team of investigators on their side to help them get the answers they need to move forward. Particularly when it comes to pursuing legal claims for damages against those liable for an accident, a thorough investigation of the crash scene and other elements must be carried out immediately to preserve evidence.

The Eberstein & Witherite law firm has the experience and resources to help those whose car accident cases may be linked to an auto defect ensure that there is a proper investigation for their case. The team works diligently to see that automakers or others responsible for a serious crash are not allowed to just remain silent on key issues. They work hard to get clients fair compensation for medical expense and other damages. Individuals who have been involved in a serious car accident in Dallas or surrounding areas can contact the firm today by calling 1800 CAR WRECK for legal help.

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