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Spaced Out Magazine Launches New Television Network

Spaced Out Magazine launches its new online television network, with new content and a center on variety it is a new beginning for the company.

08/05/2014 (press release: ruebenwood) // Los Angeles, California, United States // Rebecca Hart

Spaced Out Magazine is set to launch its television network on August 22 as an online broadcast channel and VOD broadcaster. With a new direction set for a network Spaced Out Magazine sets to achieve more with music, entertainment, business, food, and culture. As we move into the end of 2014 the company expects to increase advertising revenue and exceed market projections in a short few months.

When asked why the transition owner, Rueben Wood had this to say, “ We are bridging the gap between the company and finalizing all aspects of media into one. I have learned over the years of being in business, that the only thing people seem to care about is what you can guarantee. We don’t want to be that company that can’t guarantee distribution, can’t guarantee physical copies of the magazine, can’t guarantee artist to get paid from their publishing. We stand by our word since that’s all we have, and we want to do honest business and create a new channel fro small and large companies who need what we have to offer.”

Wood talks about working to finalize his agreements with Apple, Netflix, and even Comcast Media Center for the new channel creating a new structure for online cable. The network will be featuring content from various content owners who have agreed to share and with the growth of the venture it will prove to be a good fit for whoever partners with the brand.

Wood had this to say when asked how long had this been in works, “I’ve been working on many ideas and many ventures, and for sometime many of them i have launched and some disbanded for financial purposes. With this new network i expect to bring more to the world of content and be able to reach billions all over the world through the tools provided by the internet.”

Spaced Out Magazine TV is set to showcase one cooking program, one cartoon, music videos, live interviews, and more for it’s initial launch. The network will bring more attention to advertisers, and brands by generating real organic traffic to their products and businesses, which will in turn create a main stream of regulars at a local and global scale.

When asked what else did the company have in store, Wood ended with this; “We are currently only focusing on the Spaced Out Magazine brand, with the launch of the television network and radio on the 22nd of August , I’m very sure this will give the world enough to buzz about. I remember being an artist and I never could get over the fact of help you get when starting out, no one wants to believe you until you make them. So in essence with this network, the magazine, and radio we want to make people believe us then we can focus on more. Also I have started my catering/ private chef business so there’s no need for anything else on the plate.”

Look out on August 22nd for the official launch of Spaced Out Magazine TV and find out all the news on!

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