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King Mohammed VI Throne Day Speech, 30 July 2014

King Mohammed VI Throne Day Speech, 30 July 2014.

King Mohammed VI Throne Day Speech, 30 July 2014.

08/01/2014 (press release: media1press)

HM King Mohammed VI delivered an important speech to the nation, on Wednesday in Rabat, on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the Throne Day. As regards Morocco’s historical relationship with the United States of America, the sovereign reiterated his commitment to consolidating the strategic partnership, particularly by devising new mechanisms to support and promote the free trade agreement and continue the strategic dialogue with that country.

In this respect, HM King Mohammed VI recalled his meeting with President Obama last November, which contributed to give strong impetus to this partnership, whose results are starting to show, be it with respect to bilateral relations, or the similarity of views regarding regional and international issues of common concern, especially those relating to development and security in Africa. As the head of Al-Quds Committee, the Moroccan monarch reiterated support to all international constructive initiatives seeking to find a fair and lasting settlement to the Palestinian issue. The King also reaffirmed Morocco’s dedication to the Palestinian cause and his personal engagement in preserving the cultural and religious heritage of the city of Al-Quds Sharif.

Regarding the situation in the Arab world which the sovereign described as “catastrophic” and “a matter of profound sadness and concern” , the King warned that this is “a fertile breeding ground for the most violent forces of extremism and terror which seriously threaten the security of our countries as well as global security and stability”.

HM King Mohammed VI also reiterated his resolve to see a strong Maghreb Union built on the firm foundation of solid bilateral relations and integrated economic projects, noting that the situation is such that Maghreb citizens do not understand or accept such a state of affairs. In the light of Morocco’s new policy vis-à-vis African countries, the King reiterated Morocco’s commitment to implementing a comprehensive, coherent policy towards African sister nations, based on the joint development of resources.

“I believe Africa is capable of revival”, the sovereign underlined, adding that “such an objective, however, will be attained only if Africa’s sons and daughters rely on their own capabilities”.

The King also called for collective action to deal with terrorist groups, particularly in the Sahel and Sahara region.

On the domestic front, HM King Mohammed VI cited a host of national achievements, including: the democratic achievements that have been made, the major infrastructure projects that have been implemented and the growth rates that have increased during the last fifteen years.

The sovereign also underlined that advanced regionalization will be introduced in all of the Kingdom’s regions, and first and foremost in our southern provinces. The monarch pointed out that regionalization makes it possible to promote local specificities while enabling the regions’ populations to democratically manage their local affairs in a country that harmoniously brings its regions together.

In this respect, the King reaffirmed his commitment to the autonomy initiative for the southern provinces, which the Security Council described once again, in its latest resolution, as “serious and credible”.

Regarding the Moroccan model for the management of the religious domain, HM King Mohammed VI emphasized the importance of safeguarding the spirit of Morocco’s practice of Islam, which he explained is based on the Maliki rite and the temperance and moderation of its Islamic identity.

The sovereign also expressed keenness to share the Moroccan experience with sister nations that embrace Morocco’s commitment to the same spiritual values and principles.

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