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Historical Society’s William Byrd Presents in Chestnut Hill

The Future of Environmental Solar Technology gains momentum in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

09/18/2013 (press release: williambyrd) // chestnut hill, ma, usa // william byrd

Drums and guitarists played beautifully to a fall charity hosted by the Chestnut Hill Historical Society. It’s goal for the past few years has been to raise substantial funds to prevent collateral damage. One Chestnut Hill, MA resident, William Byrd has played an inimitable impact on strengthening the community emergency relief supply. William Byrd, who lives in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts has been passionate about investing in solar wind technologies, such as titanium rooftop panels that prove to be storm proof. William Byrd’s slide show wowed audience members, who dined over cocktails.

William Byrd, who has resided in Chestnut Hill is passionate about preserving the Chestnut Hill flora, and protecting Chestnut Hill residents from the next potential environmental calamity.

William Byrd recently became the Chestnut Hill Historical society’s co-chairman.

William Byrd relaxes as cameras and paparazzi gather to interview. His website for the Chestnut Hill , Massachusetts organization is still underway, but William Byrd’s hope is to create something educational, and user friendly for all Chestnut Hill residents. “Massachusetts is a wonderful place with some of the smartest people.” William Byrd says. “I am fortunate to be involved with such esteemed thinkers.”

About William Byrd:

William Byrd lives at 725 Hammond Street

Chestnut Hill, MA



[email protected]

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Paparazzi, and champagne bottles cracked at the launch of William Byrd's Chestnut Hill Historical Society.

Business News

William Byrd, a proud native of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, hopes to help spread and cultivate the Chestnut Hill community.

press release

William Byrd's new Chestnut Hill website hopes to garner interest from Chestnut Hill Community