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CasinoWebScripts Launches New Horse Race Arcade Game – “Lucky Horse Derby”

The developers from CasinoWebScripts have announced the release of their latest adrenaline-filled multiplayer arcade horse racing game, “Lucky Horse Derby”.

05/11/2013 (press release: casinowebscripts) // Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania // Mr. Leo

The dedicated developers from CasinoWebScripts have announced the release of their latest adrenaline-filled multiplayer arcade horse racing game, “Lucky Horse Derby”.

This game promises to offer the ultimate online horse racing experience, as it features all the necessary ingredients that make it resemble to an authentic horse race. The most important part of the game offered by CasinoWebScripts, stands in the gambling options associated with it, “Lucky Horse Derby” offering a complex bet panel which allows the player to bet on each different horse, while also permitting him to place several combined bets.

While the player wagers, he has a period of two minutes to place his bets, the game featuring a countdown timer which will announce him that he has 10 seconds left until the horse race begins. Lucky Horse Derby starts with a thrilling announcement made by the sports commentator, who will also guide the gambler through the entire race and describe its evolution.

During the race, “Lucky Horse Derby” offers a zoom-in feature, so that the jockeys can be viewed from a closer approach, using the “Resolution” button. Besides the winnings generated by the evolution of the horses, the game offers multiplier rewards which are available almost every race. At the end of the competition, three pictures of the winning horses are shown, so that the player can be assured of which contestants finished in the first three places.

Next, a notification will inform the player whether he won or not. Some might get lucky and win the horse race jackpot, which is usually won once in a few rounds, option that can be adjusted by the casino owner whenever he feels the need to do so.

After that, a new horse race will start, the player having the option to keep the value of the bets from the last race, or start over with new individual or combined bets. “Lucky Horse Derby” is customized in a manner which is meant to increase the profits of the casino owner, featuring a complex algorithm, also being compatible with any desktop client or any web browser. has announced the release date of the game, “Lucky Horse Derby” being available for purchase since May 6, 2013. More information on the game can be found at

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