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Think carefully about email re-engagement, says ekmResponse

Knowing your customer base and the reasons why it’s drawn to your brand is important…

Knowing your customer base and the reasons why it’s drawn to your brand is important...

10/04/2012 (press release: OnlinePR) // Matthew Allingham

Knowing your customer base and the reasons why it’s drawn to your brand is important before implementing any email marketing re-engagement strategy, according to email marketing firm ekmResponse.

While email marketing solutions remain the bedrock of many companies’ advertising strategy – particularly online firms – it isn’t as simple as just bombarding would-be customers with messages. With that in mind, ekmResponse has offered a number of tips to companies considering what email re-engagement strategy to adopt. Central to any attempts at re-engagement should be thorough knowledge of your relationship with your customers.

“Re-engaging with email subscribers can provide lucrative returns, but discretion is required,” said Matthew Allingham, Product Manager for ekmResponse. “For a start, you need to ensure that your emails are genuinely engaging the people you want them to engage, rather than just being dismissed and ignored. Hammering people with emails may end up simply turning them off altogether, and this is obviously to be avoided at all costs.”

When planning an email re-engagement strategy, it’s worth thinking about the lifetime value of your products. This should give you a rough idea of when to re-engage, and timing can be crucial to winning repeat custom. Behavioural information can also help you work out when to reactivate, as well as making it easier to decide on what form of re-engagement might prove most successful.

In addition, various forms of incentive – such as discounts – could, as part of a broader re-engagement plan, allow your firm to reap the rewards. Take a look at the data you have on your customer base and then use it to decide when forms of incentive are most likely to have the desired effect. Of course, poor data management could leave you with out-of-date information, which is another consideration to bear in mind when considering how best to re-engage customers.


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