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Graphic Design Blog Informs on Importance of Logo Creation

Orange County Marketing Firm McClain Concepts stresses the importance of logo recognition

09/25/2012 (press release: diyinstitute) // Aliso Viejo, CA, US // McClain Concepts

McClain Concepts, an orange county marketing firm, announced today the release of a blog on its webpage specifically addressing vital graphic design services that are provided by the company. A recent blog, entitled, “Graphic Design and Branding-The Start of Something Beautiful” is an educational and informative blog that is designed to give a brief overview of the services provided in the area of graphic design by the company. The blog gives details into just how McClain Concepts utilizes all areas of graphic design for their customers. From creating logo’s to video production for a company or product. This blog provides expert advice and essential free information to those wanting to know more about the services provided. Those looking for a resource of information on specific graphic design features will find the blog helpful in understanding the tricky details that are within the area of graphic design and you will see just how it increases revenue for a growing business.

This blog is resourceful in that it allows potential customers to visit the site and to have all of the needed information at the touch of a button. McClain Concepts is an innovative company and this blog gives great insight into just how and why this is so. Graphic design helps companies in a multitude of areas. Branding is of the utmost importance in today’s world, recognizing a company just from a logo can help increase traffic to a business’s site, which in turn increases sales.

This graphic design blog takes the uncertainty out of the process of starting to market and advertise for a business. With a smooth look and a friendly feel, the blog on the site is easy to navigate and understand. Jason McClain, the sites creator and CEO said, “Our blogs have taken our site to the next level. They are informative and fresh, and they give great insight into just what we do here at McClain Concepts. The graphic design blog answers all questions that potential clients have, to ensure that they know exactly what we do and how they will benefit, is key. We are offering the right amount of useful information and content to those who seek answers. These blogs are going to provide solid, comprehensive information.”

There will eventually be a multitude of blogs, accompanied by videos, that explain the different areas of expertise at McClain Concepts. The blogs will be informative and will tell clients how they can flourish in a business relationship through McClain Concepts.The blog is aimed at giving detailed and precise information for the customers’ convenience and peace of mind. “We put a lot of time and effort into these blogs,” said Barbara McCarthy, part of the creative writing staff team responsible for creating the blogs. “As writers we are strictly informative and right to the point to better aid those who are viewing, everything in there is directly related to the work that is done at McClainConcepts.”

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