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Work at Home, South Florida Woman Saves $420 in Gas

If it is two things that are on our mind nowadays it is jobs and the price of gas. One home based business in Florida solves the problem.

08/08/2012 (press release: melodeas) // coral springs, fl, usa // dean wilder

If you have ever lived in South Florida you know that jobs and gas are very important, but more and more people are starting to work at home to save on gas. A lot of people would just like to work at home, than go out into the heat every single day, because in South Fla it is hot every single day. Besides the heat you have to deal with the traffic, red lights, and every now and then getting cut off by some one who happens to be in a big rush to get to that red light!

The other day i was dining a the local Mcdonalds and i got into a conversation with a woman who noticed that i was completely flustered at the days events so far. She started off the conversation saying that she is very glad that she started a work at home position about a year ago because since then she has not felt like me since. We got into a big conversation about my job and how far it was from my house and the amount of gas that i spend weekly. I also told her about my desire to work at home and make a better living.

She started to tell me that about a year ago she started a work at home customer service position, and how she only drives to the store or to take her family out. She said it was so less stressful than having to rush through traffic so she hurry up and punch-in the dreaded time clock. The conservation was intriguing to me as i asked her where did she used to work. Basically she worked about 15 miles from her house, but after work she would have to make round trips to pick up the kids and deal the 5 o clock traffic which is the worst. On average she told me because of her routine she was spending about $115 a week in gas which pretty normal around these parts. If you add that up by 4 weeks that is almost your rent or a car payment,not to mention you can do a lot of nice things with your family with that type of money.

One night before she started her work at home position she was enlightened of her need to work at home when her daughter needed her to attend her soccer game. She really wanted to go to the game but as she thought about how much gas she had, she realized she only had enough gas to get to work for the week. She missed the game, which caused her daughter to throw a temper tantrum to say the least.

After that episode she found a ad online where a reliable company were looking for people to work at home doing customer service. Now we have all heard about the home based business that turns out to be a scam but she said what got her to do it was they were not asking for any money, that is very key when looking for work at home. The legitimate companies usually don’t ask for money to start working with them.

She was able to make her own schedule which she did around her family activities so she did not miss any more soccer games. She also pointed out to me that she is no millionaire, but her work at home job pays her about the same as her corporate job she had to drag herself to everyday. Her gas expense went down greatly as she says now she spends about $30 a week in gas. The funny thing is she said because of the money she is making and saving her and her family are going out to a lot more places. With laughter she told me that her husband was so glad she decided to work at home!

Needless to say she pointed me out a few different companies that are looking for people to work at home,

the one she is working is at the website below.

No Cost Work At Home Opportunity Visit:

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