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KiPoint iPad POS App Released to Make Sales Fast and Easy

KiPoint for iPad- is an amazing robust POS that handles thousands of items to make sales fast and easy using a Touch Screen, Quick Find or Bar Code Scan.

08/07/2012 (press release: kibiz) // Thousand Oaks, California, USA // Allen Imbarrato

Today, KiBiz Systems, Inc. is excited to announce the release of KiPoint POS that works on the iPad. KiPoint for iPad is built using the powerful capabilities of FileMaker Go 12 to create a flexible, quick, and feature rich mobile Point of Sale system. This power distinguishes it from most simple iOS POS apps, in that KiPoint allows users to pick from thousands of customers and products to enter orders fast and easily using either a Touch Screen, Quick Find or Bar Code Scan interface. KiPoint offers swiping of credit cards on the iPad, which can connect to your current merchant account. Use for retail sales, trade show booth sales, restaurant order taking, sales rep field sales, and many more applications.

Ki System’s president, Allen Imbarrato stated: “KiPoint for iPad is a fully customizable system with endless possibilities for any type of business to create a portable POS that fits their business. This is a breakthrough POS system that really takes advantage of the power of the iPad to produce a new way of relating to customer sales.”

Here is what some early adopters of KiPoint have experienced:

Ralph Quillin, owner of Quillin Leather and Tack in Kentucky and one of the early adopters of KiPoint put it this way, “The cash register as we have known it, is going to be a relic of the past. Utilizing devices like the iPad with KiPoint are leading the way to an entirely new POS where customers can be served better and easier. iPad users need to take a look at KiPoint to see what can be done with it’s amazing capabilities.”

Dr. Jon Mendelson, of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Practice, in Cincinnati, OH, is using KiPoint to have his patients take a quick survey to rate their interests for possible procedures or treatments. Jon says, “KiPoint on the iPad, has given us a powerful tool to not only begin the conversation with our patients, but to also offer treatment options and proposals quickly and easily. With our 7 iPads using KiPoint in our office, we now have a much faster way to present our patients with a treatment plan and it’s possible costs.”

Bruce Bruno, of the Oregon Catholic Press, is using KiPoint to go to Trade Shows to make Sales quickly and easily using a bar code scanner and credit card swiper that is attached to the iPad. Bruce says, “We have been looking for a tool like this for many years to use at our many Trade Shows. We are happy to have found KiPoint to use on the iPad. We have thousands of products, and KiPoint makes it easy for us to quickly find them and process the sale.”

Some possible uses for KiPoint are:

Retail Sales

Sales Reps in the Field

Client /Patient Intake System for Professional Services

Order Taking in Restaurants

Direct Store Delivery

Trade Show Booths

Click here to download a demo or for more information.

Key Benefits of Using KiPoint for iPad POS

Make Sales Fast and Easy

Use KiPoint for iPad to quickly process retail sales. Extraordinarily easy and visual to add items to a sales order with a easy to use touch screen or quick find interface where you can type a few letters or scan a bar code to bring in the item to add to the sale.

Customizable to fit your Business

Design colors, setup product categories and their placement on touch screen, and create product wizards to prompt sales clerk to select product options and make notes. Fully accessible so that it can be customized and linked to your desktop databases.

Process Payments Quickly with Many Options.

Process by swiping or keying in credit card information and get signature on the iPad in a few seconds without any plugins. Accept cash, checks, or gift certificates with ease. Email or wirelessly print customers their receipt. Use as the gateway, so that you can keep your current merchant account, or use our merchant account services.

Build Closer Relationship to Customers

Capture email address to add to your marketing lists.

Takes Advantage of the Power of FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro

Use KiPoint for iPad to connect to KiBiz Enterprise System and update your contacts, inventory, sales, and accounting. This will enable your business to integrate retail, web, phone and fax orders to up to date reporting and inventory counts. KiPoint can also be connected to any database system using the flexible export options of FileMaker Go 12.

Use as a Sales Tool to Educate Customers about your Products and Services

Use the Product catalog to show images and features of your products to increase customer’s perception of the value and benefits of your products and services.

Keeps Track of Daily Sales Revenue

What were yesterdays sales? KiPoint’s daily sales reports are your window into the life flow of your business, and the productivity of each of your sales people.

Admin Controls to Setup as you Like

Place to set preferences, set up devices, users, and define product data.

10 Key Features:

• Works with multiple product lines and handles thousands of items.

• Add a bar code scanner to make it even easier to add items to the sale.

• Supports credit card processing without plugins.

• Capture customer contact data, and get customer signatures on iPad.

• Ability to create custom wizards to handle product category options.

• Email and Print wirelessly receipts from iPad to Customer.

• Use as sales tool to educate customers.

• Runs stand alone or on FileMaker Server.

• Will sync with most desktop database Business Systems.

• Emails Daily Sales Reports from iPad

So, click here to check out the new KiPoint for iPad

Or, call 800-946-2854 to schedule an online demo.

About KiSystems, Inc.

KiSystems, Inc., founded in 1985, creates customized business solutions that serve the needs of a wide variety of businesses. We are committed to finding ways to make your business run more effectively, with faster, better, more reliable business systems. We can strengthen your informational infrastructure to provide a more solid foundation from which your business can grow and prosper. We study your work flow and business processes to discover new ways to better serve your customers, interact with your vendors, and coordinate amongst your staff. The key to these relationships is how information is shared in a timely, focused and controlled manner. A multi-user database in which all information is accessible based on assigned privileges enables your staff to be better equipped to fulfill the requests of your customers, and communicate with your vendors what your business needs are. Copyright (C) 2011 KiSystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.


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