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ekmResponse offers advice on selecting the frequency of marketing emails

ekmResponse has offered advice to marketers on what they need to consider when deciding on the frequency of their emails.

ekmResponse has offered advice to marketers on what they need to consider when deciding on the frequency of their emails.

07/26/2012 (press release: OnlinePR) // Matthew Allingham

ekmResponse has offered advice to marketers on what they need to consider when deciding on the frequency of their emails.

The email marketing solutions company specialises in helping enterprises to create effective and successful campaigns that will boost business and engage customers. One way in which firms can do this is to send marketing emails, but these will not work if consumers are bombarded with irrelevant information.

Instead, marketers must establish how frequently they are going to send their emails and ekmResponse has suggested some points that ought to be considered:

1. The value of the content

If the information being presented in the email is interesting and of use to customers they will not mind how often they receive messages as they will gain something from the correspondence. It is essential that the content of emails is relevant if they are to be sent out frequently.

2. Expectation of the customer

Make sure customers are told how often they will receive emails when they sign up to a newsletter. This means they will not be disappointed if they receive too few, while they know what to expect if they receive one every day.

3. The type of product

The type of product or service being sold by the company will help determine the frequency of their emails. Everyday products can be promoted more frequently, while a company selling Christmas trees would step up their campaign in November and December, sending only a few emails throughout the rest of the year.

4. Brand loyalty

Consumers will welcome emails if they are loyal to the brand as they are likely to make frequent purchases, so companies must ensure they consider their target market carefully when creating distribution lists.

Matthew Allingham, Product Manager for ekmResponse, said: “Email marketing is an effective way of reaching customers and promoting your products. But if you send too many messages people will soon switch off and unsubscribe from your mailing list.

“Research how frequently you need to send emails and you’ll give your customers a valuable service they’ll actually come to appreciate and rely on.”

ekmResponse provides easy to use online tools for companies running an email marketing campaign, providing firms with ways of tracking their campaigns and ensuring their emails do not get classed as spam. Customisable email templates, free customer support and a contract-free sign-up are also on offer.


About ekmResponse:

Established in September 2009, Blackburn-based ekmResponse is an online email marketing system that allows organisations to easily contact customers with newsletters, email marketing campaigns, e-zines and company updates. If you’re looking for an email marketing UK solution then get in touch with ekmResponse today.

For further information contact:

Matthew Allingham

0844 858 8580

Email: [email protected]


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