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An Integrated Approach Can Make PR More Effective In A Digital Age, Says Punch

An integrated approach to PR can make the medium more effective in a digital age.

07/24/2012 (press release: emilie.legrand) // Leicester, England // Jessica Ward

With an increasing amount of news stories being broken via social media as opposed to press releases and news wires, digital PR techniques are becoming ever more important. In order for PR to evolve, brands and agencies should consider combining traditional PR techniques with digital practices, such as social media, to help increase effectiveness, says integrated PR, search and social media agency Punch Communications.

In a digital world, a majority of PR activities are noticeably changing, including media lists, outreach opportunities, coverage and events. News stories are being published first via social outlets, especially Twitter, due to the speed, efficiency and outreach potential. Online education porthole found that over 50 per cent of people learn about news stories via social media as opposed to traditional sources. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly more apparent that brands and PR agencies should, if they are not doing so already, be integrating digital platforms, especially social media. By doing this, brands are able to maximise the effectiveness of a campaign, as well as understand and adapt to the new and changing ways of the industry.

Kirsty Shaw, account director at Punch says: “Since beginning my career in PR four years ago, I have seen the industry shift from mostly traditional techniques to combining more digital practices. For example, PR outreach opportunities can be substantially increased through the use of social media, as it is ideal for initiating and targeting press contacts, especially when they are unavailable elsewhere. In addition to this, some journalists now only accept pitches via Twitter, which forces PRs to include only the most relevant information due to the 140 character limit.”

Press coverage is evolving from predominantly print to more digital outlets, such as blogs and online versions of national newspapers and magazines. Kirsty continues: “In order to gain maximum reach, coverage can now be shared via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition to this, the press often use social media to circulate news stories and look for stories, which PRs are able to piggyback on. Furthermore, although events are seen as a form of traditional PR, social media is becoming almost essential now for posting information or even cryptic clues to any type of PR event or stunt.”

Kirsty concludes: “In a society driven by technology, social media is a useful way for PRs to integrate traditional practices with digital to maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns and help them adapt to the ever-changing industry.”

Punch Communications is an integrated PR, social media and search agency, with a client base from start-ups to global brands. If you are researching social media agencies, or are interested in areas such as social search, call Punch on 01858 411600.

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