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Email – still the best and most effective online marketing tool there is

The world may be abuzz with people updating their Facebook pages and taking to Twitter to describe the minutiae of their lives…

The world may be abuzz with people updating their Facebook pages and taking to Twitter to describe the minutiae of their lives...

05/31/2012 (press release: Online PR) // Matthew Allingham

The world may be abuzz with people updating their Facebook pages and taking to Twitter to describe the minutiae of their lives – but when it comes to getting messages to hit the right targets, e-mail still rules the roost.

That’s according to email marketing solutions provider ekmResponse. It cites the latest quarterly business review from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the trade body representing businesses involved in implementing direct marketing solutions.

This says that business-to-business e-mail marketing is still one of the main tactics used by businesses when seeking out new customers – but that the latest trend is towards much more closely-targeted messages, which are tailored to a particular market sector or customer type.

The DMA’s director of marketing and media insight, Yory Wurmser, said businesses were involved in “a transition from the old-style mass email model to more targeted and trigger-driven opt-in models.

“A lot of money is going into email still,” he added.

Matthew Allingham, product manager for ekmResponse, said: “Marketing experts are still trying to get to grips with how they can measure the success of advertising through social media – but with email marketing, the results are much more apparent and immediate.

“It also remains a very cost-effective marketing tool, especially when the advances in email marketing solutions are taken into account.

“As the DMA noted, the trend is strongly towards very closely targeted email marketing messages, which produce a much higher take-up rate among the people a business really wants to engage with.

“E-mail is the ultimate ‘take it anywhere’ communications tool, and is much more direct and accessible. It’s a key part of everyone’s online session, with new messages always generating a level of intrigue that can’t be matched by social media updates. It’s even the way people learn about new tweets and Facebook notifications, so it’s still the original and best way for most people to get their messages.

“The email marketing solutions now available, including our own specially-developed systems, offer the ultimate level of control. So email marketing campaigns can be both flexible and scaleable, as well as easily tracked, with facilities such as easy tracking of responses, and monitoring of which links contained in the emails attract the most traffic to a business’s website, included and easily accessed from anywhere with access to the internet.”

To find out more about the ways in which email marketing offers the ultimate control over your marketing messages, and who sees them, contact ekmResponse today.

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About ekmResponse:

Established in September 2009, Blackburn-based ekmResponse is an online email marketing system that allows organisations to easily contact customers with newsletters, email marketing campaigns, ezines and company updates. If you’re looking for an email marketing UK solution then get in touch with ekmResponse today.

For further information contact:

Matthew Allingham

Telephone: 0844 858 8580

Email: [email protected]


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