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Thousands of 12-point motorists on UK roads

New research has revealed that thousands of motorists are currently driving…

New research has revealed that thousands of motorists are currently driving...

05/30/2012 (press release: Online PR) // Katy Robinson

New research has revealed that thousands of motorists are currently driving around Britain’s roads despite having 12 points or more on their licence, even though they could be eligible for disqualification under current regulations.

According to a Freedom of Information request made by the Co-operative Motor Group to the DVLA, almost 9,000 drivers with at least 12 points on their licence continue to use UK roads. While motorists who amass 12 points or more within the space of three years are eligible for a ban, the DVLA stated that courts have the option to “use their discretion” when deciding whether or not to implement such a sanction.

“It is concerning that motorists with so many points on their licence can legally be allowed to continue to drive,” said Co-operative Group managing director Tony Guest. “We would hope that at the very least these drivers are having to undertake re-training to ensure that they do not re-offend, but understand this is rarely the case. We would push for a standard test for drivers that reach 12 points for the safety of all road users.”

The request also revealed regional differences in the number of 12-point drivers on the roads. Most of them were based in northern England, with Blackpool, Oldham and Manchester having the top three highest proportions. The only southern English location to appear in the top 15 was Peterborough, while London was in 18th place. Although Cardiff and Glasgow topped the Welsh and Scottish 12-point motorist lists respectively, both countries combined accounted for just eight per cent of the UK total.

The DVLA pointed out that motorists who escape bans despite having 12 points or more usually have to satisfy courts that preventing them from driving would cause them exceptional hardship. It also acknowledged that at present, there is no mandatory requirement for drivers to undertake mandatory re-testing upon accumulating 12 penalty points.



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