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Cost-cutting Grant Challenges Standard Guide to Government Grants

GraceFoms online ebooks website Praises Policy change

05/30/2012 (press release: McClain Concepts) // Mission Viejo, CA, US //

New York is soon going to be offering $40 million to local governments that have shown that they continuously save taxpayers money through innovative and cost-cutting projects, making a Guide to Government Grants all the more sought-after. In a day and age in which governments on the federal, state, and local levels are doing everything possible to rein in spending, New York has taken a rather unorthodox approach: give a lot of money to those who prove they can do the most public good with it. Winning applicants can earn up to a total of $5 million each, depending upon the number of residents., an online ebook store and do it yourself guide site, is impressed and optimistic about the grants. “It is hard to believe that it took so long for a government to figure out that money should be allocated to those who will make the best use of it. Our guide to government grants was written more to help everyday people, but maybe we will take a cue from New York and start offering one to written for governments,” joked one employee. “In all seriousness, though, we really hope to see more of these types of grants, as, generally speaking, the lighter the burden is on the government, the lighter the burden is on the public.”

With many anticipating the end of the Bush-era tax cuts at the end of this coming December, finding ways of saving money is going to be even more crucial, as economists believe that we will once again (at least temporarily) slide back into recession. The increase in tax obligations on the public and the budget cuts is making a good guide to government grants, like those offered by, even more valuable than they have been in the years since the market crash of 2008. One thing is for sure, though, and that is both governments and taxpayers are going to be finding ever-increasing ways of squeezing every ouch of value from the money they have.

What makes New York’s changes so welcome, though, is the money is being given to local governments because of their commitments to reducing taxes on both taxpayers and businesses. In this case, instead of local governments attempting to squeeze blood from the proverbial stone in a direct cash-grab, the State is pledging to reward those appropriately by not taking the traditional approach.

For more information for online ebooks and a guide to government grants please visit www dot graceforms dot com.

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