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Orange County SEO Marketing Firm Offers Computer Tips hopes sharing maintenance tips can give faster speeds for older computers.

05/24/2012 (press release: McClain Concepts) // Mission Viejo, CA, US // McClain Concepts

McClain Concepts, an Orange County SEO Marketing firm based out of Mission Viejo, California, is issuing free advice for those looking to increase the speed of their computers. The Southern California Firm utilizes many online marketing programs on behalf of its clients and, in issuing some simple and easy-to-achieve tips for the general public, hopes to give many a quick, smoother internet experience.

“We realized at one point that, while we love talking technology and pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge, the great majority of the general public may still be in the infant stages in regards to proper computer maintenance. And, in that being able to share the simple, basic computer functions that those of us in the industry take for granted, would be something that many people would benefit from and should know,” said SEO Team leader Scott Cahill.

Many people tend to run too many programs which can slow down computer speed. For newer computers this is not a problem as faster operating systems can handle the extra data commonly used on the internet. For those with older systems however, multi-tasking may actually be called over-tasking, with multiple programs hogging resources. The Orange County SEO Marketing firm recommends users to run their task manager and close unneeded and unnecessary programs. This can be accomplished by simply hitting ctrl, alt, and delete and selecting task manager among the options.

In similar fashion many people forget just how many programs they have installed over the lifespan of their computer. Many programs that are installed can bog down and once again impact resources. The Orange County SEO Marketing company recommends all users to uninstall programs that are no longer being used. The process of uninstalling an unwanted program is as simple as going to Control Panel and selecting the Programs and Features button. At this point users can see not only how many programs are installed on their computers, but in a great many cases the last time that program was run. As a rule of thumb, any programs not used or ran in the last 6 months can most likely be deleted. This will not only open additional memory space on the hard drive but also speed up the overall speed of your computer.

Do you change the oil in your car every 5000 miles? Defragmenting your computer’s hard drive is akin to giving your computer an oil change. Many people have never defragmented their hard drive. Basically this is a process that sorts and aligns data on the hard drive into a fashion that allows your computer to run at faster speeds. To give an analogy, a hard drive that has not been defragmented is a bit like the junk drawer in the kitchen. There is data all over the place and even though the computer will eventually find it, that searching for the specific data slows down the computer speed. The Orange County SEO Marketing Firm recommends that users defragment their hard drive at least once a month. This task can be done by finding the Disk Defragmenter option in the search bar or through their Control Panel.

McClain Concepts hopes these easy and simple tips will help consumers have a faster, more fulfilling internet experience. For more information on Orange County SEO marketing and Orange County Internet Marketing please visit www dot mcclainconcepts dot com.

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