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New Search Engine Looking for Illegal Immigrants Online

Illegal immigrants have more than ICE to worry about now that the Broken Border Patrol Bot is online and looking for them.

05/04/2012 (press release: NoLimitList) // CA, USA // George O’Brien

Illegal immigrants have more than ICE to worry about now that the Broken Border Patrol Immigration Crime Search Engine has launched. Broken Border Patrol is the latest addition to the IAR Immigration and Border Security Services line of products designed to help people take their countries back from illegal immigrants by identifying them, their employers, and associates online. Broken Border Patrol is the first search engine dedicated to aggregating statements made online by everyday people indicating that they as well as those they know may have a history of being, employing, or associating with illegal immigrants.

Powered by the Broken Border Patrol Bot, was practically built before even being conceived using code originally written to help a local company aggregate news from their industry, so when members of the United States House of Representatives attacked on May 7, 2012 for allowing users to publish personally identifiable information about suspected illegal immigrants IAR knew instantly how to respond appropriately. IAR’s response is Broken Border Patrol, a niche search engine already hard at work mining selected websites for statements made by users indicating that they have been in a country illegally, hired someone in a country illegally, accused someone of being in a country illegally, or alleged that a business engaged in illegal hiring practices. Sites being harvested currently include Facebook and Twitter as well as sites run by immigrant rights groups, news organizations, government agencies, and mugshot aggregators that list inmates with immigration holds.

IAR hopes that Broken Border Patrol will make it easier to rebut future criticism of its service by passing the buck off to a select few of countless other places on the internet where people can accuse others of being illegal immigrants without any proof and pointing out that the government has been posting personally identifiable information about suspected illegal immigrants online for years. An immigration hold does not necessarily mean that a suspect is an illegal immigrant and immigration officials regularly clear people charged with immigration holds, so the next time Representative Joe Crowley of New York’s 7th Congressional District makes it a priority to shamelessly suck up to Latino voters he might want to consider mentioning law enforcement agencies in his letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) before going on Martin Bashir Live to announce his intention to misappropriate federal resources for the purpose of attacking law abiding citizens.

IAR also hopes that by turning other websites into scapegoats Representative Judy Chu of California’s 32nd Congressional District will blast them on Twitter for “turning immigrants into scapegoats”, mind her own business, and stay out of IAR’s way as they try to help Americans compensate for her shortcomings with solutions, not fear. IAR believes that the ideal solution to America’s illegal immigration problem is a non-violent solution because studies have consistently shown that people prefer peaceful resolutions over violence or fear when solving most problems, so logically a peaceful answer to the illegal alien question is the answer of choice for IAR just as it should be for every American that is smarter than a 5th grader.

In recognition of the role their inspirational words played in motivating IAR to go the extra mile is officially dedicated to Congressman Joe Crowley and Congresswoman Judy Chu. On top of confessions and accusations Broken Border Patrol also aggregates immigration news, meetings likely to be attended by illegal immigrants, and opinions harvested at random from unsuspecting Facebook users so their representatives can see what people think of illegal immigrants.

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Broken Border Patrol Immigration Crime Search Engine

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