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New folding metal chairs offer greater support and capacity without added weight has added a brand new series of heavy duty folding chairs that accept up to 30% more weight than traditional folding metal chairs. has added a brand new series of heavy duty folding chairs that accept up to 30% more weight than traditional folding metal chairs.

05/13/2012 (press release: FoldingChairsandMore) // Flat Rock, North Carolina, United States // M. Goldstein has added a brand new series of heavy duty folding metal chairs that accept up to 30% more weight taking advantage of advances in metal folding chair construction techniques. “In the past, to make a sturdier folding chair, manufacturers had to rely on incredibly heavy steel folding chairs which were able to hold quite a bit of weight, and stood up well to the element or long periods in storage, but were also very heavy and quite expensive.” Says Michele Goldstein, proprietor of

The alternative to these metal body chairs was to make lighter, and more stylish chairs out of wood. “Unfortunately, wooden folding chairs simply don’t hold up well over time, and could never be used as a reliable outdoor folding chair for any serious length of time. Eventually the wood will breakdown over time and may even begin to rot from exposure to the elements.” Ms. Goldstein explained.

Recently however, advances in metal construction have made their way into the folding chair business and have allowed for stronger, lighter, more stylish folding chairs that can handle anything you have to throw at them. For instance, where tubular steel construction used to be the norm, aluminum folding chairs are currently being released in many distinct and attractive shapes and styles.

“Ultimately, what you’re looking for in a good folding chair is an attractive and convenient way to offer seating to people at a home or public function. And what you need in that case is a chair that is inexpensive and reliable, and easy to store and use for long periods of time. Sturdy chairs are a must, because you want them to stand up to whatever you throw at them and stay usable and attractive for years to come.” says Ms. Goldstein.

One perceived drawback to using innovative and original manufacturing methods can often be the cost, but Ms. Goldstein states that these chairs can actually be cheaper to the consumer than traditional metal folding chairs. “Traditionally, the biggest cost associated with producing and selling expandable furniture, like folding chairs was the cost of shipping. These chairs were very heavy and very expensive to get from point a to point b. But with these new aluminum chairs, the cost of manufacture is a bit higher, but the considerably lower weight actually leads to lower shipping costs, which ultimately leads to savings for the end user.”

So, whether you’re at a family gathering, in a park, at a corporate event, planning an outdoor wedding, or just sitting by a campfire, you can rest easy knowing that the folding metal chairs you’re sitting on are attractive, sturdy and affordable under any circumstance.

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