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Online Forms Website Offers Free Sales Order Form Downloads

In an attempt to aid small business, is offering some free online business form downloads.

05/04/2012 (press release) // Mission Viejo, CA, US // McClain Concepts // McClain Concepts

By offering the sales order for business document for free, hopes to save companies a bit of money wherever they can as well as bolster hopes of seeing increase in downloads of other online forms such as the Employment Agreement forms and Power of Attorney contracts. In an effort to continue helping small businesses get through this economically troubled time, online forms website has decided to offer their Sales Order online document for free. Yes, free. The move comes on the back of news that the economic recovery slowed, with a GDP growth rate of 2.2% versus the 3% from the previous quarter, and lower than the 2.5% growth that economists had anticipated.

“It’s one of our more popular online forms,” said blogger Rick Barclay. “The Sales Order is something that a lot of small businesses in particular can use in their daily activities, and as a small business ourselves, we wanted to do our part to help our fellow entrepreneurs. Nothing would make us happier to see this coincide with an increase in downloads of our Employment Agreement contract. The way we see it offering the one for free will result in a spike for the other. Either way we are proud to think we can do our part.”

The growth that had showed signs of promise was not enough to generate the millions of jobs needed to offset the economic downturn which many have been feeling for years. Regardless, any improvement is a welcome change from the status quo of struggle and hardship. By offering the Sales Order for free, at a time when statistics show a decrease in the flow of money, is not offering the online form in an attempt to push sales, but rather to save money right now and for later down the line.

“We have to be realistic,” said Barclay. “We know we aren’t going to jump-start the economy by offering a Sales Order, but we wanted to make the gesture and give something to small businesses they can use both now and in the future. We also hope to get consumers used to our easy to use platform and the ease of which attaining online legal forms can be had through our website. Every little bit helps, and it’s more of a long-term gift than a save-the-world-today sort of thing.”

In January, job growth and home construction started strong (relatively speaking), but as March approached, the slumps began to approach as well, coupled with increases in both inflation and spikes in gas prices. Although Sales Order forms have remained fairly constant, employment agreement downloads have sagged as predicting data is always a Delphian task. There are a number of factors that can artificially generate increases in numbers, regardless of the topic, which makes predicting positive statistics a difficult endeavor. Factors as seemingly insignificant as the weather can boost or drop car sales.

One thing that seems to be certain, though, the government has been the largest employer and thus most in need of Employment Agreement forms. In fact, some believe that the biggest impedance to economic recovery was the cut in state and federal government spending, but this has been a an ongoing trend for the past six quarters, nor is it expected to end in the near or foreseeable future. With fluctuations in data being erratic at best, predictability in economic recovery is an elusive hope, but the central bank is anticipating that the economy will grow by 2.4% to 2.9% for the overall year.

For more information on sales order forms, employment agreement forms, and other online business forms please visit

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