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Pet Custody Agreements; Gaining Favor as Celebrity Court Cases Proliferate online forms website sees trend in Pet Custody Agreements after Britney, Drew, and Tiger Divorces.

05/02/2012 (press release) // Mission Viejo , CA, US // McClain Concepts // McClain Agreements

Celebrity relationships are almost as numerous as celebrity breakups, and when two stars (or stars by association) part ways, there is a plethora of things to consider, not the least of which are Pet Custody Agreement forms. For some, and seemingly for celebrities in particular, pets can become almost like children, and when a person’s net worth is in the tens- to hundreds-of-millions, it never hurts to have an online form that shows things had been arranged and agreed upon ahead of time.

When Kevin Federline and Britney Spears parted ways, Spears lost custody of both her children and her dogs, after being voted the worst celebrity dog owner by The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines. After getting a Pet Custody Agreement, Federline filed for guardianship of both children and animals. Although it has not been determined whether or not used online forms from, he was still able to win custody.

Things did not go smoothly, though, for Jennifer Love Hewitt and her ex fiancée Ross McCall. Even though things were said to be “amicable”, the two ended up in a nasty battle over Hewitt’s dog. Hewitt is said by one source, according to the New York Daily News, to have resorted to some less-than-honorable methods of winning the battle over the dog. All this could have been avoiding with a simple download of Pet Custody Agreement online forms. Rather than trying to change the dog’s name so that it wouldn’t obey her ex’s commands, she could have simply had things laid out clearly and easily from the beginning.

Although most people will never travel to India, Drew Barrymore did…when she spread her dog’s ashes in the Ganges. After her split with Tom Green in 2001, the two fought for the custody over Barrymore’s yellow lab, who saved the couple from a fire at the couple’s home in 1998. Neither was hurt in the incident, but neither bothered to use a Pet Custody Agreement, too. Rather than spend all the money on a bitter divorce, the two could have stopped over at for the online form, which might have allowed Tom to join Drew for the final farewell on the famous river.

As if fighting for custody of eight children was not enough, Jon and Kate Gosselin also fought for the custody of the family’s two German Shepherds. Unsurprisingly, the couple failed to use a Pet Custody Agreement, and the end result was that the dogs were returned to the shelter for “training.” Although the dogs were being trained for family purposes, rather than schutzhund or bomb-sniffing, only one of the two dogs has since returned to the home, and that was after nearly a year. To think that a line of online forms could have made the whole process less ugly and a lot more clean for Kate–a notoriously orderly person–is yet one more twist in the drama surrounding the celebrity family.

Finally, after a series of events that still seem surreal, the saga of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren included everything from car crashes, to a badly needed Pet Custody Agreement. Although the details of who actually won custody of the animals remain sketchy, it is known that Tiger and Elin share joint custody of the children. It is probably safe to assume that this is also the case for the animals, as Tiger had been seen walking two of the dogs when Elin took the kids to Sweden in April of 2010.

The point of all these is to show that, no matter how famous, or how much money a person has, a Pet Custody Agreement is always a solid investment. Any time an online form can be used to make matters as difficult as separation easier, it makes sense to go with that solution. At, there are solutions such as this one, in addition to others ranging from small business forms to wills and trusts.

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