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Feline Forms and Doggy Documents; Pet Custody Agreement Online Form Downloads

What is a divorcing couple to do when custody & visitation rights over the beloved family pet becomes a battle royale?

05/02/2012 // Mission Viejo, CA, US // McClain Concepts // McClain Concepts // (Blog)

Determining the living situation of a pet during a breakup can be one of the most difficult decisions for many pet owners. Luckily, has made the process less burdensome with their Pet Custody Agreement, an online form that lays out how exactly the situation surrounding Fluffy/Fido’s living arrangement plays out. Squabbling couples on the outs can and will argue over anything, and your beloved pet can, and will, get caught in the middle.

Read the full story on:Pet Custody Agreements; Online Forms for our 4 Legged Friends

Debra Hamilton recently received a call from an attorney who had hammered out a million-dollar divorce settlement that was about to fall apart over custody of the family dog.

“The husband suddenly decided he wanted 50% of the dog,” says Ms. Hamilton, an Armonk, N.Y.-based pet mediator.

A Dog’s Bark Is Better Than Litigation’s Bite

More Reading:Usually claims of paternity are left to talk shows, but in the case of the yellow lab Sam, it led to a war between neighbors.

Two Families Battle Over Custody Of Canine

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