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Freeze Dry Guy Supports Preparedness and Adventure with Kids

Freeze Dry Guy’s freeze dried food donation helped Bolsa Grande High School’s Wilderness Survival Club in trail building stewardship and survival tactics

04/16/2012 // kcummings // Freeze Dry Guy // (press release)

Freeze Dry Guy works with many charities to help spread the word about the importance of preparing for disaster and emergencies and the usefulness of freeze dried foods. One of the charities they recently teamed up with was Bolsa Grande High School’s Wilderness Survival Club. This charity is involved in a variety of activities that allow the students to learn about trail building stewardship and realize the benefits of hiking with freeze dried food items, and the variety of ways they can use them for hiking and/or an emergency. Freeze Dry Guy supplied the troop with freeze dried food meals that were nutrient-rich and filled with the calories needed to keep up their energy for all of their activities.

Giao Tran, a certified 0-2 Ratings Sierra Club Leader stated “We participated in trail building stewardship projects and hiked a total of 12.9 miles…and definitely had a hardworking and hungry crew to feed! Freeze Dry Guy was generous enough to donate food to sustain our crew for almost the entire trip.”

The six-day backpacking trip in Mount San Jacinto State Park consisted of a group of eight people, mainly high school students from Bolsa Grande High School’s Wilderness Adventures Club that is sponsored by OC Inner City.

Freeze Dry Guy’s freeze dried food were lightweight in the hikers backpacks, easy to prepare, filling and delicious, according to the hikers themselves. Giao states, “Coming back to camp and getting to dine on a hot beef stroganoff or macaroni and cheese dinners (that actually tasted like what they were named) satisfied our stomachs and minds. The meals were calorie-packed and very filling, which are very important things to take into account when choosing food to pack for backpackers…Many of the group participants excitedly wondered what we were having for dinner or lunch on different days, asking “is there any more of that dried lasagna?”

Freeze Dry Guy proudly supports charities such as the Bolsa Grande High School Wilderness Survival Club and is adamant about educating our youth on survival and emergency preparedness planning. If you are involved in a charity that could benefit from Freeze Dry Guy donations, please send an email to [email protected]

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