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Top 5 Signs Not to Subscribe to a Press Release Distributor

How to Submit press release with best press release distribution company for your business.

How to Submit press release with best press release distribution company for your business.

04/09/2012 // Dallas, TX, USA // Submit My Press Release Blog // Lyn Giguere // (press release)

Top 5 Signs Not to Subscribe to a Press Release Distributor

There are a lot of great and valuable things you can find online but there are also rubbish ones that you need to avoid and not fall into. This goes the same when it comes to choosing the best Press Release Distribution Company for your business.

Press Release Distribution Company for your business.

Don’t be easily lured to PR Distributors who offer very cheap distribution services. In most cases their service rates are too low because the quality of their work is also very low. Watch out for the following signs and avoid PR distributors exhibiting any one of them.

1. Website PageRank is too Low – If you received an email convincing you to sign up to a very promising PR Distribution service, check their website immediately. If their website has very low or zero page rank, then that means that they are not well-established yet and it is very risky to trust them.

2. Service Rates are too Low or too high – Always compare their service rates to other PR Distributors. If you found that their rates are way too low or way too high, then there might be something wrong. Well-established PR companies always do their research and they don’t deviate that much to the normal service rates offered by their competitors.

3. No Known Partnership or History with Trusted Brands or Companies – When choosing a PR Distributor, always do a background check by determining if the company has existing partnership with other businesses. This will help you assess if you can really trust their service. If they are vouched by a well-reputed establishment, then they might really have something to offer.

4. No Verified Merchant Seal – This should be the very first sign you should check before signing up to any PR Distribution service. A verified merchant seal signifies that the company is legitimate and has managed to establish that you can securely perform a money transaction with them.

5. You heard from a Colleague that their Service is Unreliable – Though we are already in the era of modern communications, the word of the mouth is still one of the most trusted sources of feedback we often take into consideration. If you heard a negative feedback about the PR distribution company’s services, then it might be a sign not to sign up to their services. But, don’t also be too gullible. Verify what you heard by doing your own research so that you can confirm if it is really the truth.

Always be alert and keep a constant watch to anything you do online. One single mistake may cause your business to fail. Only trust the experts but also be wise in dealing with them. Always double check and do your own research.

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