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Black & White Auto and Paint Announces Deductible Financing Options

Leading Colorado Springs body shop Black & White Auto and Paint today announced two new deductible financing options for their auto body customers.

03/05/2012 // Colorado Springs, CO, USA // page1 // Rick Lujan

Colorado Springs body shop Black & White Auto and Paint today announced two new deductible financing plans for new and returning customers. While state law requires that body shops collect these deductibles before insurance companies pay for the balance of the cost of repairs, Black & White is committed to making auto body services more affordable for consumers. To this end, Black & White has created two new financing plans for deductible costs that can allow consumers to manage these expenses more readily. Black & White owner Rick Lujan commented, “I think expensive insurance deductibles may scare some folks away from getting the repair work they need. We decided to find a way to help those people out and let them get their car fixed now, even if they need more time to pay that deductible cost.”

The first financing plan offered by Black & White Auto simply allows deferral of the deductible payment for up to one year. Customers can schedule the payment at a time that is best for their particular needs, ensuring that they can more easily afford these costs after an accident occurs. Black & White customers can also choose to make monthly payments to spread the cost of the deductible over time and help make it more affordable. Both plans are interest free and are intended to help Black & White Auto and Paint customers manage the expense of general body work, fiberglass repair and general dent repair cost more easily.

Black & White Auto and Paint has offered these payment plans on an informal basis for the past year and now intends to make them a permanent part of their overall business plan. Black & White specializes in fiberglass repair and body work and uses advanced techniques to minimize scratch and dent repair cost, passing that savings along to their customers. By taking advantage of these flexible payment plans, new and returning customers can manage the costs of accident repair more effectively and easily.

About Black & White Auto and Paint:

Black & White Auto and Paint offers advanced auto body work, fiberglass repair and auto painting at competitive prices. The body shop uses advanced techniques that can significantly reduce dent repair cost by eliminating the need for repainting after a minor accident. A leading Colorado Springs body shop, Black & White is an innovative force in both auto body repair and customer service and is committed to finding ways to serve its customers better.


Rick Lujan, Owner

Black & White Auto and Paint



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