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Thrivent Solutions Expands

Thrivent Solutions announced today it will expand its service offering to include Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management.

02/20/2012 // Houston, Texas, US // KungFuzos // Thrivent Solutions

Thrivent Solutions announced today it will expand its service offering to include Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management. Thrivent Solutions has proven to be a valuable partner to the medical community for more than 20 years. It provides technical expertise and solutions to help physicians’ practices become more efficient and save money.

“Whether it’s launching a mobile app or expanding the team, Thrivent Solutions has a single, top?of?mind mission,” said Doug Ware, Managing Director of Thrivent Solutions. “Our focus is the same ? we enable doctors to save lives by making patient information securely available anytime, anywhere. This expansion allows us to provide end?to?end technology solutions to our physician community.”

With the adaption of the HITECH Act, which began January 1, 2012, the medical community can now see immediate incentives by implementing an EMR solution in?house. EMR has proven to save money, cut administrative costs by automating tasks and securely save patient information so doctors can access anytime and anywhere within its network.

About Thrivent Solutions

Thrivent Solutions headquarters are in Houston, Texas servicing clients throughout the United States, including Hawaii. Our mission is to help our clients be more successful in the medical industry by providing the most technologically advanced solutions for business practices and patient information. Our Unique Qualities include vast experience in the medical industry, excellence in performance, superior communication skills and prompt follow-up. Thrivent Solutions Gives You the Freedom to Focus on What You Do Best. For more information about Thrivent Solutions call 800.771.6701 or visit us online at

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