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Whitney Houston Death Shows lack of Proper Drug and Alcohol Treatment

California drug rehab center 449Recovery speaks out against lethal combination of prescription painkillers and alcohol.

02/16/2012 // San Clemente, CA, USA // McClain Concepts // McClain Concepts

Innovative Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center 449Recovery is using the Whitney Houston tragedy to bring more attention to the issue of drug and alcohol dependency. The California drug rehab center wants to educate the public on the availability of resources for those looking for help and treatment with drug abuse and alcohol treatment.

Founder and President of the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Rodney Robinson said, “[It is] a disappointing example of how devastating this disease can be. It demonstrates the progressive nature of the disease of alcoholism and addiction. This disease has such an emotional impact on generations of family members and the community. And by that nature robs us from extremely talented people. But it also shows that no one is immune from drug and alcohol addiction. From the people living on the streets to the mansions of Beverly Hills, drug and alcohol favors no social class. Drug and Alcohol Addiction does not spare celebrities. It does not bypass those who have won Oscars and Grammys. In some cases, the entertainment lifestyle in itself can offer avenues and opportunities to drug and alcohol excess that the middle and lower class would not have access to.”

Houston’s autopsy revealed that a lethal combination of alcohol and prescription painkillers played a role in the popular singer’s death. Houston was found dead in the bathtub of a Beverly Hills Hotel Suite on February 11th. Houston’s battles with prescription drug addiction and alcohol have been a media mainstay having been talked about for decades. According to the California drug rehab center’s staffs members; Houston’s appearances on the reality TV show “Being Bobby Brown” showed behavioral patterns that were consistent with the cycle of prolonged drug and alcohol addiction.

449Recovery, the innovative drug and alcohol treatment center based in San Clemente California is quickly making a name for itself. By bringing the discussion of drug and alcohol abuse to the mainstream more are listening. 449Recovery made a pledge for affordable intervention and took a controversial stand against the procedure known as “Rapid Detox.” 449Recovery and its supporters feel that any news that can help educate the public to the dangers of the addiction cycle can be educational. And for those seeking help and looking for drug and alcohol treatment the news may save lives. The California drug rehab center is a leader in the area for effective treatment of drug and alcohol abuse.

“Although its a tragic and morbid example, Houston is an example that the progression of the disease, that if gone untreated, will take you down. 449Recovery would like people to know that alcohol and drug abuse can reach any walk of life and anyone in America. Amy addict could face this same scenario. This situation plays itself out over and over again every day. More Americans struggle daily with drug and alcohol addiction. We are certainly seeing a spike in the use of pharmaceutical drug abuse and pain pill addiction. Houston’s death spotlights the need for better information for drug and alcohol treatment resources,” said Admission Director Vito Tassone from the California drug rehabs headquarters.

About 449Recovery:

For More information on 449Recovery’s drug and alcohol treatment program visit their website at

PR Contact: Jason McClain, Jmcclain(at) 449recovery(dot)org Phone (855) 449-4490 Fax (949) 209 4035

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