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Podcast Game Portal Engages Military, Disabled, and Aspiring Game Developers

Internet radio and game portal company pushes the industry one step further as a voice for the unique players!

01/19/2012 // USA // codeboxmedia // Kat Mahoney

Kat Mahoney and PJ Cannon have never met in person, but they have several things in common that make their relationship perfect for business and social media. Both have experienced the military lifestyle, both are avid pc and xbox gamers, and both enjoy social networking and public relations. However, aside from their commonalities, the two are from totally different generations, one having experienced the Commedore 64 era and the other born with an Xbox controller in hand. Their commonalities and yet, their differences alike, are what brought Codebox Media to life.

“Codebox Media is what we like to call the game industries “red-headed stepchild”. It’s born for and about the video game industry, but bred more for those less recognized.” Mahoney says. “We think the big companies get more than enough recognition when our society has so much more talent to offer behind the hyped up Video Game Awards.”

The game portal and podcast focuses on the new and aspiring developers, disabled gamers, as well as the military and veteran gamers. The motivation for such a diverse group of gamers is the connection each has for both Cannon and Mahoney’s lifestyle. Cannon served in the United States Army and Mahoney is a United States Air Force brat-turned-spouse with over 30 years in the lifestyle.

“Military gamers hit home for both of us.” Mahoney says, “From my personal experience, I would not have survived several deployements with a one, two, and a three year old alone with no family and friends around, had it not been for the military gamers I met in video games.”

As for the disabled gamers community, Mahoney reaches out her heart and soul in hopes to provide a better lifestlye for her brother-in-law who is quadropeligic from a tragic moment at the mere age of sixteen.

“Stephen doesn’t get to see our family much since we are military, but my children are intent on playing video games with their Uncle and talking to him over Mumble or Ventrilo.” Mahoney explains. “Yet because of the nature of his disablity, he is limited to certain activites and funding is hard to acquire for technological advancements for the disabled. It would be a great day when Stephen can log into xbox with my children and obtain some quality time over the wires in games like Call of Duty.”

Codebox Media hopes to gain sponsorships and partners to help provide more focus on the games, technology, and the people that make the industry grow. You can start by visiting Codebox Media at or contact Kat Mahoney for sponsorship and partner inquiries at [email protected] or 1-980-202-2728.

About Codebox Media

Codebox Media is about change and a voice for the people in the gaming industry. Our mission is to support the gaming industry with new, aspiring, and moving developers that positively affect and care about the industry and the people who game. Each week on our podcast we feature these industry-changing people and their companies.

Codebox Media is proud to represent new and growing game developers. Whether you are still in college, just graduated, or a start up game company in the preliminary stages of development, Codebox Media is your first stop to connecting you with potential fans and game opportunities! Codebox Media is a company that takes pride in creativity and talent, and as gamers ourselves, we share in the excitement of watching you and your games grow.

We also take pride in assisting and supporting the disabled gamers and veteran gamers. Our goal is to provide a community for a variety of gamers despite age, race, religion, or disability. We are also a very patriotic community with some of our staff having served over 30 years of the United States Military lifestyle. It is an honor to support and game with such a close community that gives their lives so that we may game freely.

Codebox Media is happily interviewing, advertising, marketing, and connecting new developers to our community of gamers through our web press release announcements, game reviews, and global podcast. Please contact us with any press releases, interviews, news, beta tests, and game opportunities.

About Kat Mahoney

Kat is the Executive Director/Public Relations Manager for Codebox Media. She is a proud military wife and mother of three. Currently she is a Web Designer, Children’s Author, and Military Family Advocate by day and Game Journalist by night. She has been pushing the gaming industry for over 20 years; starting with pen & paper RPG, then onto MUDS/MOOs, and eventually virtual MMORPGs. Kat has been an avid game reviewer for many popular game sites and beta tester of a plethora of games, from MMORPGs, FPS, Independent Developers, and Mobile games. She attended Hawaii Pacific University with a Major in Computer Science and Business Entrepreneurship. This Mass Effect fanatic has been awarded several recognitions for her work in the military community and 5-star reviews for her popular children’s books. Kat can be reached at [email protected] or 1-980-202-2728.

About PJ Cannon

PJ (Baz) Cannon is the Executive Producer/Podcast Host for Codebox Media. He has experience and talent working with the radio broadcast industry for several years along with multimedia videography and audio. Growing up in a small town allowed him to develop close relations with the cinema owners and local radio and TV stations. This allowed him to learn his skills that would later come in to play down the road. He started casting friends street fighter games while hanging around the arcade. He has been casting games, tournaments, and even a few sports for his high school. Baz wishes to see gaming return to its former glory! Baz can be reached at [email protected]

Contact Codebox Media

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For sponsorship/partner inquiries contact [email protected]

For interviews or advertising on the BOXhead Podcast contact [email protected]

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