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ShopGala Releases New Promo Codes for 2012

A online coupons resource has updated it’s database or promo codes for the new year.

01/05/2012 // San Francisco, CA, USA // styledoesmatter // Andew Powell

Coupon code website ShopGala has unveiled a new list of promo codes for shoppers looking to save money in 2012. According to the site, these promo codes range from free shipping to percent off deals for a number of online retailers. The site’s team hopes that these up-to-date promo codes will help shoppers avoid using out of date Black Friday and Holiday coupon codes that often remain on coupon code websites long after their expiration date.

A member of ShopGala’s team, Andy Powell, explains why ShopGala decided to proactively update its promo code list at a time when most coupon code website crews are on vacation: “One of the most frustrating things that can happen to an online shopper is to find a promo code that promises a certain percent off of an item or a free bundle item only to get a message from the shopping cart that says the promo code has expired and is no longer valid. Because we’ve been in the business of sharing promo codes for more than 5-years, we know that the New Year is a time when many promo codes go out of date. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when many promo code website staff’s take some much needed time off after the hectic holiday shopping season. This year we’ve delayed our vacation to clear out inactive promo codes and make sure that almost 100% of our promo codes were still working.”

What types of promo codes can budget shoppers expect to find for early 2012? According to Powell, the best season for promo codes is the days and weeks surrounding Black Friday. However, he adds that early January runs a close second in terms of money-saving promotion codes. Powell states that, “Despite forecasting, some online retailers find that they didn’t sell the items that they were expecting. If a retailer has enough items sitting on a shelf collecting dust, they may offer a lucrative promo code to make room in their inventory for better-selling items. We often see percent-off promo codes in early January that meet or exceed the deals on Black Friday.”

Powell adds that free shipping remains one of the site’s most popular promo codes: “Because shipping can sometimes add 25% to the cost of one’s online purchase, a fair amount of searches we receive on the website are for free shipping promo codes. This trend doesn’t change in the early part of the New Year as shoppers always love combine free shipping promo codes with the savings and convenience from shopping online.”

Shoppers looking to find promo codes for themselves can feel free to visit:

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