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Tango Networks Announces Responsible Driver System (RDS) for Distracted Driving

The Responsible Driving System enables any mobile phone to be managed in accordance with policies tailored to the specific user when their vehicle is in motion.

The Responsible Driving System enables any mobile phone to be managed in accordance with policies tailored to the specific user when their vehicle is in motion.

12/14/2011 // Plano, TX, USA // Bill Young // Tango Networks

Tango Networks, a leader in Mobile Network integration is announcing Release 2.0 of the Abrazo™ Responsible Driver System for addressing distracted driving using any mobile phone.

The patent-pending RDS solution enables any mobile phone to be managed in accordance with policies that are tailored to the specific user when their vehicle is in motion in order to reduce mobile phone distractions. Policy engagement and disengagements occur within as little as five to ten seconds of the vehicle being turned on or off, or the vehicle accelerating or coming to rest. As such, the flexible policies can be set to enable users to safely come to rest in order to responsibly manage their calling and texting communications needs in a timely manner.

The Responsible Driving Solution from Tango Networks differs from currently available device client-based solutions that are dependent on specific models of smartphones that require software to be downloaded to the device and activated by the user, and reduce battery life by employing the smartphone’s on-board GPS. Furthermore these over-the-top solutions rely on the user to manage the software on their device, which fundamentally makes them unenforceable and often burdensome to use and thereby discouraging their use.

Instead, RDS is a “set-and-forget” solution to reduce mobile phone distractions that is automatically and always active whenever the vehicle is turned on, and does not rely on special software on the user’s mobile device nor any special vehicle on-board capabilities. Because RDS is a cloud-based solution, policies are managed in the network out of the user’s control, not on the device. As such the solution is enforceable, whereby the user’s actions and decision on how they manage their mobile communications can be stored in the network outside the user’s control, and can serve as a verifiable binding contract between, for example, policy holders and their insurance carriers, teen drivers and their parents, commercial drivers and fleet operators.

Furthermore RDS enables different policies to be established to reduce mobile phone distractions for different types of users, such as teen drivers, experienced 5-year accident free drivers, commercial taxi drivers, government fleet operators, trucking fleets, etc. Policies can be dynamically tailored based on driving criteria such as location, time-of-day/day-of-week, in order to provide comprehensive policies to meet the widest range of user needs. As such RDS is effectively applicable to all drivers, not just teen drivers or commercial fleet operators. With flexible policy controls, RDS focuses on promoting responsible usage of mobile devices in an accountable manner rather than forcing a single policy for all users for outright blocking of the user’s mobile device, which discourages user adoption and may prevent usage for urgent situations other than for 911 emergency.

The Responsible Driver System provides mobile carriers as well as third-party service providers with a comprehensive and customizable solution for addressing the issue of distracted driving across all mobile phones applicable to the widest range of users from consumer to commercial. The solution employs a low-cost machine-to-machine (M2M) cellular telematics device that plugs into the vehicle’s On-board Diagnostics port (OBDII) available in all vehicles since 1996.

“The Tango Networks Responsible Driving System provides the necessary flexibility to meet the broad variation in federal, state, municipal, enterprise, commercial and personal distracted driving regulations and policies that will no doubt exist as distracted driving enforcement develops.”, stated Alastair Westgarth, President and CEO of Tango Networks. “We have the single solution that addresses the strictest to the most flexible regulation requirements with the least burden on end-users.”

RDS is entering trials with North American mobile operators targeted for launch in 2012.

About Tango Networks

Tango Networks enables mobile service providers to securely extend control of their networks to the edge. Based on a unique federated architecture, Tango Networks’ award-winning Abrazo Edge services platform results in specialized and tailored service capabilities that work with any mobile phone, providing value to mobile operators, enterprises, consumers and third-party service providers. Abrazo edge services include Enterprise Mobile PBX & Unified Communications, SIP Trunking, Multi-line, Policy Control and Responsible Driving System . For more information, visit us at

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Bill Young

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