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Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 4 and 3Gs 4.3.5/4.3.4 By Using FastSn0w Tools

FastSn0w has been released to jailbreak and unlock iphone 4 and 3gs up to the latest 4.3.5 firmware , it’s easy to use and it works.

08/13/2011 // New York, NY, USA // michaeltryet // Daniel Andrews

The iOS 4.3.5 was seeded to eager Apple developers. As always, many are asked the million-dollar question: can it be jailbroken and unlocked? As with all previous builds, the answer is yes, with the latest version of FastSn0w which was just released and it can jailbreak and unlock iphone 4 and 3Gs v 4.3.5/4.3.4/4.3.3. To Unlock and Jailbreak your iPhone Visit

From Team Blog:

FastSn0w has been updated, adding support for Apple’s new 4.3.5 to unlock and jailbreak iphone 4 and iphone 3Gs 4.3.5/4.3.4/4.3.3. You can use this tool even if you never used a unlock iphone tool for iphone 4 and 3Gs before , it’s easy and safe to use.FastSn0w is able to apply a standard untethered jailbreak and unlock for iPhone 4/3Gs 4.3.5/4.3.4/4.3.3 on almost any iOS device, except for the iPad 2. Since this is an final build of iOS 4.3.5, iOS jailbreakers will likely be reluctant to disclose vulnerabilities for it yet, making an untethered jailbreak highly availble, meaning that the jailbroken device will not have to be plugged into a computer running FastSn0w every time it’s powered on, and it will boot into a jailbroken state.

FastSn0w is incredibly easy to use considering that all the instructions are presented in a relatively well-built user interface. In order to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 4 and 3Gs using FastSn0w, all you’ll need to visit the official website . No addition iOS skills are required, such as switching your device into DFU mode and restoring it with iTunes in case the process somehow fails.

FastSn0w is a powerful jailbreaking application that works on iPhones as well as the iPod touch. FastSn0w allows you to essentially ‘hack’ your device to allow you to install 3rd party apps. The easiest way to do this is using an app called ‘cydia’ which is a popular app installer that you can install on your jailbroken devise. If you are looking to jailbreak an AppleTV then we suggest using greenpois0n, but for most iPhone and iPod touch models, FastSn0w will work great. (At time of writing it was suggested to stay at iOS 4.3.4 for the untethered jailbreak to work as there are no new features or bug fixes in the upgrade, you won’t be missing out)

To Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone 4/3Gs 4.3.5/4.3.4/4.3.3 Using FastSn0w Visit:

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