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Top Dog Trainer Cites Lack of Dog Training in Recent Shooting

The recent police shooting of Cammie, the American Bull Dog, raises more than eyebrows in the small town of LaGrange, Missouri.

/ Mies, Switzerland – Friday, June 11, 2010 was more than the opening day of the World Cup Soccer Tournament in Johannesburg’s Soccer City. It was more than the anniversary of Timothy McVeigh’s execution or a day to remember Ronald Reagan’s 2004 funeral. It was the day that a police dash cam video hit YouTube and sparked a firestorm of viral proportions. The video wasn’t one that depicted your garden variety arrest, traffic stop, or heroic rescue. In fact, it allowed the world to view the gruesome execution of a 2-year-old dog, Cammie, while she lay pinned to the ground with a dog catcher’s pole.

The police department of LaGrange, Missouri credits the killing of the assumed-vicious dog with numerous reports of threatening behavior. According to The Riverfront Times, Cammie growled at a seven-year-old child while she walked to school, and chased at least one neighborhood man.

Now, as Cammie’s owner finds himself in a face-off with the law, a Swiss veterinarian and certified expert in the evaluation of dangerous dogs speaks out about the misplaced “justice” that has befallen Cammie. Dr. Nortey J. Omaboe, of Cabinet Veterinaire International, says, “This is another sad, but all-too-common case of an animal being punished for the wrongs of humans. Had Cammie’s owner been a responsible dog owner, she would not have been permitted to act out against the neighbors. Had Cammie’s owner taken the time to properly train her with a positive dog training program, aggressive tendencies may have never materialized.”

Cammie’s breed can be generally termed as “Pit Bull,” though she may have more specifically held the pedigree of American Bull Dog (a division of the pit bull generalization). Pit Bulls are often considered to be more dangerous than most other breeds, raising fears and calls to police when one is on the lam. More than half of euthanasia cases in American animal shelters are Pit Bull breeds.

According to Dr. Omaboe, this incident could have been avoided. He says that, “No dog deserves euthanasia of its own accord,” and he blames lax dog owners for the “Ill fate of animals who haven’t been properly trained.”

Dr. Omaboe has generously offered his dog obedience training system, Fast and Easy Dog Training, to the LaGrange Police Department at no charge. With it, he hopes that officers can better learn to handle animal calls with a critical eye and critical thinking, rather than a “shoot first, ask questions later,” approach.

As the deceased dog’s owner awaits his trial, in which he will act as his own attorney, Cammie’s presence is distinctly absent. In Dr. Omaboe’s own words, “The victim of this crime has suffered greater consequence than the perpetrator ever will.”

LaGrange’s dog ordinance defines an aggressive dog as “any dog that has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly aggressive.” Cammie’s owner is currently lobbying to have this loose definition rewritten.

The city of LaGrange’s police department says that there is $60,000 allotted for the construction of an animal shelter, which the town is currently, and conspicuously, without.

You can learn more about Dr. Omaboe’s dog training philosophy, his veterinary resume, and his Fast and Easy Dog Training Program.


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