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Fix the Spill Now

/ GAINESVILLE, FL (Press Release) Tuesday, June 30, 2010 — What if the relief wells do not work? This is the MOTHER of all oil wells. Just 1000 wells like this could supply all of the United States oil for many years. Oil is coming out of the sea floor at a pressure exceeding 320,000 pounds per square foot (2,222 pounds per square inch). If this well was on land it would be a geyser spewing oil hundreds of feet in the air. Deeper in the earth where the relief wells will intercept the pressure is far greater. Will this be another miscalculation by BP? Can we afford to just wait and see?

This gushing oil could be contained within days. The BP riser is too small. The riser should be several times larger, 18 inches to 24 inches diameter. BP does not have enough pumping capacity on the surface even for this undersized riser. A SHUT-OFF valve should be on the bottom of the riser. Connecting and Funneling into the shut-off valve should be a steel cylindrical cap with a corrugated skirt that can be crimped around the cylindrical head of the blowout preventer. Lining the skirt with a layered flexible gasket material, expandable epoxy and heat activated bonding agents would create a liquid tight bond. The crimping and heating tools can be operated by the robotic subs with a modified device like the chop saw that cut off the pipe. These few components can be made within days. They are not complicated and they eliminate the ice crystal problems.

Does anyone in authority really care? BP has geologists, but BP does not even employ its own drillers. BP clearly is content to let the oil flow until it attempts to stop the flow with the relief wells and drilling oil. Will the extreme pressure just spit the drilling oil (mud) out of the pipe like it did before?

There are companies who make MINING, DRILLING, and DEEP SEA RESEARCH equipment. Why do we not see their engineers and hands on field personnel? What needs to happen immediately is the Governor(s) of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida need to bring in their own engineers and experts, demand that BP sit down collectively and review the numerous credible ideas and proposals to contain this well.

Clean up is essential, but stopping the flow of oil is the bigger priority. Who is going to demand this action?


Waldemar (Wally) Kissel resides in Gainesville, Florida. Mr. Kissel graduated from the University of Notre Dame, BSME, and Harvard School of Business Administration, MBA. Engineer and proprietary inventor Waldemar Kissel has filed for SIX patents, each representing a SEPARATE AND INNOVATIVE METHOD for stopping oil from gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. He currently has numerous patents and patents pending on a wide assortment of mechanical inventions and transportation systems. Mr. Kissel’s diverse background includes residential and commercial real estate development and investing, telecommunications, broadband internet and franchising.


For more information contact: Waldemar F. Kissel, Jr., Phone (352) 375-4139, Fax (352) 375-4245, E-Mail [email protected]


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