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Decorating in the Nude

Neutral colored tones, such as white, ivory and beige, are hitting the fashion runways in full force this spring season. Color trends that appear on the runways tend to slip into homes, not only in the bedroom closets, but in the interior décor of the home as well.

From clothing designers to make-up artists to interior decorators, designers across the board are turning away from brighter hues and getting back to nature with toned down, neutral colors for inspiration. The softer color palette evokes a refreshing, clean, and relaxing feeling not only when the colors are worn, but when a home is decorated in them.

Classic white and ivory are examples of colors that never go out of style, and they can easily be mixed with other colors to include the current fashion trend.  Every home should have a number of standard white or ivory items for everyday living and special occasions.

• The Bedroom:  Because neutral colors suggest a sense of calm and relaxation, it seems only fitting that the place where a person rests their head, the bed, should feature these soothing colors. While the entire bed in one color may not be everyone’s taste, adding a single set of white or ivory sheets ( to a bed ensemble is a necessity for any bedroom oasis.

• The Bathroom: Retreating to the bathroom should be a refreshing and spa like experience. The best way to create that atmosphere is to feature quality white towels either in the linen closet or on display. If some type of color is desired, consider adding a monogram to the basic white towels in a thread color that picks up other colors that already exist in the bathroom.

• The Dining Room: So many holidays and celebrations each year come around with a required color palette of their own; red and green for Christmas, blue and white for Hanukkah, pastels for Easter, red and pink for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’ Day and the list goes on and on.

Trying to keep up with table linens and décor in these colors can be overwhelming and at times exhausting. By keeping it simple with a classic white or ivory tablecloth (, the holiday colors and themes can be incorporated into the tablescape with items such as the napkins, placemats and decorative centerpieces.

For more ideas on decorating in the nude, visit the West Palm Beach fine linens store, Pioneer Linens online at

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