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What Makes a Quality Towel?

Towel buying season is here! Friends and family may be visiting for the Summer time, and trips to the beach and laying poolside are inevitable. But when it comes to laundering new towels, there is always a little voice in our head saying, “I hope these towels don’t pill!” Well, pilling is definitely preventable!

What makes a great quality towel is the type of fibers that are used, the weaving of the towel and then the finishing. Investing in a well constructed towel assures that replacements won’t be needed as often and a great towel is something that can be enjoyed for a long time to come.

•    When purchasing new towels, it is important to look for towels that are constructed from 100% Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is renowned not only for its absorbency, but more importantly for its long stapled threads that are spun from the cotton. When a longer thread is used during the weaving process, the chance of the thread breaking (or pilling) after repeated use and laundering is reduced.

•    Looking for cotton that has been combed is another important characteristic of a quality towel. By combing the cotton before it has been spun, the smaller threads that are likely to cause pilling are permanently removed.

•    After the towel fabric is woven together, the fabric is put into a solution that seals the fibers to prolong its absorbency and softness. This process is called finishing. Well known designer, Abyss and Habidecor, developed beach towels that have been treated with a fade resistant coating. This coating does not take away from the towel’s superior absorbency, but does allow for the towels to keep their color over extended exposure to sunlight.

•    A tightly woven towel composed of dense threads adds to the towel’s superiority. When selecting new towels, feel the fabric and weight of the towel. The longer the loops, the more luxurious and plush the towel will feel. Also make sure that the looks are uniform, which is another sign of excellence in quality.

•    While the construction of towel is very important to its longevity, they still need to be cared for correctly at home. Remember to always wash towels alone, and never wash or dry them with items that have Velcro or zippers, which can result in snagging.

•    Also, it is very important not to use any type of fabric softener during the wash or in the dryer. Fabric softeners coat the towel’s fibers and render them less absorbent. Keep in mind that great quality towel will never need fabric softener because they will become softer with each wash.
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