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Video Consumption Rising by Law Firm Web Design Company –

Regardless of the format, Americans are consuming video content at an ever-increasing rate.  Combined viewership on TV, the Internet and mobile phones reached an all time high in the fourth quarter of 2008, with the average American watching more than 151 hours of TV programming per month, according to Nielsen’s Three Screen Report.  Additionally, Internet consumption added another three hours of viewing for online consumers and mobile phone viewers watched close to 4 additional hours.

In most cases, consumers opted to watch video on TV but there has still been a dramatic increase of Internet consumption, nearly double the growth rate for TV.  Naturally, choices are made based on many factors including content availability, time constraints and quality issues, but the data bodes well for a future utilizing a media mix including TV and online video that offer a consistent message.

While the average consumer has cut back on discretionary spending, TV viewership, except for purchase/rental selections, seems to be considered a necessity rather than a luxury.  With less entertainment dollars to spare, and nights out on the wane, TV looks to remain a great medium for personal injury attorneys trying to grow their practice.

As we have commented in the past, high quality TV spots and web videos offer significant branding, image and top-of-mind awareness benefits, especially for law firms that practice in areas unaffected by budget constraints placed on consumers.  For a need driven practice like personal injury law, the video viewing habits of the American consumer offer an opportunity to be front and center at a time when many advertisers are reducing their spend and consequently reducing the clutter. For more information on Internet video marketing.

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