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Dallas Car Accident Lawyer – Amy K-educates injured car crash drivers and passengers

Dallas motor vehicle accident lawyer / personal injury attorney-Amy K-tells drivers what to do post auto accident.

Dallas, TX (–Motor vehicle collisions cause injuries and damages to almost 50,000 drivers and passengers on our nation’s highways and roadways every year. When drivers and passengers are involved in automobile accidents they typically experience emotional stress and confusion. The most important thing immediately following a car crash is to seek medical attention for all drivers and passengers injured in the motor vehicle collision. Calling local police and emergency medical personnel for help immediately after the collision is highly recommended.

When cars, trucks and SUVs collide, the damages to the vehicles may leave debris, gasoline, and fluid leaks on the road posing additional hazards to drivers, passengers and other active motorists. Turn your vehicle off if the damages from the accident renders your vehicle immoveable because a running engine poses a fire hazard. If you can move your vehicle out of active traffic, drive your car, truck, or SUV to the side of the road. If drivers and passengers are ambulatory, do not stand in the roadway and assess your vehicle damage. Standing in traffic poses a threat of further injury to you and passing motorists. If any drivers or passengers are not ambulatory and may be injured, it is not suggested you move them before emergency medical paramedics arrive unless the life is in danger. Report all facts to law enforcement and emergency medical crews.

Legal and insurance experts suggest you answer all questions truthfully to the best of your recollection, but do not admit fault because you may not know all the facts. Damages and injuries from automobile accidents can leave injured drivers and passengers overwhelmed with physical impairments and mounting financial problems because of medical bills and loss of income. Contacting a personal injury lawyer who is experienced with automobile accident claims may help you and your family recover. by Dallas Injury Lawyer Amy K. Witherite
Practice areas: Dallas Car Crash Cases
Amy Witherite. Eberstein & Witherite, LLP. 3100 Monticello Avenue, Suite 500. Dallas, TX 75205 – Toll Free: (888) 407-6669

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