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Traditional marketing techniques not working for law firms – Adopt Lawyer internet marketing in 2009!

Texas – TopWireNews — Traditional, tried marketing techniques have failed to work for law firms.

Lawyers who have been depending on these techniques for years have found that they need to adapt new marketing skills if they want to see a substantial growth in their business.

Attorneys need to update on current marketing practices to see results says Erin Musquiz an  Internet marketing firm for lawyers.

Jury members who comprise of ordinary citizens are being presented with evidence from lawyers presenting their cases through the usage of latest courtroom technology.

Attorneys are using advanced technology to make their presentations interesting with complete evidence so the jury can gauge what has actually happened and decide in favor of their client. Lawyers adopt the usage of videos, accident reconstruction and high tech medical graphics to support the cases of their clients. This comes in useful when the stakes of the client are very high and the jury needs to be convinced to offer a favorable verdict in their favor.
While it has been common practice for lawyers to use technology for making presentations of their cases, they have failed to adopt the same technology when it comes to building their business.
Trail attorneys have all along depended on referrals for their business from other practicing attorneys. Some attorneys use PR firms to put them in the limelight to attract more business. The main drawback is, even with a good placement, there is no assurance of business.
Attorneys need to invest in web based marketing strategies to grow their business. SEO, social media and a good news/press release will ensure improved business.

Erin Musquiz – SEO Company Dallas  – 1VIZABILITY.COM

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