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India News

India to launch a latest weather satellite

TopWireNews — Following the latest earthquake that caused trouble in India as well as Pakistan that killed a large number of people, Indian Government has made resolution to launch the unique satellite which can track all the natural disasters. G. Madhavan Nair, the chairman of ISRO or Indian Space Research Organization said that most of natural disasters occur as a result of weather or climatic changes such as floods and cyclones. For this, the importance of radar image satellites has increased a lot. The scientists and researchers are working on the point that these satellites will become operational in some years.

Nair also stated that after Chandrayaan 1 success, ISRO will be launching the unique weather satellite. This special satellite will be launched jointly with CNES or Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, the space agency of France in the year 2009. This satellite, Mehga Tropiques is specially launched so that it can help in studying the tropical environment along with the associated phenomenon that would help both France as well as India to study monsoon, climatic changes and cyclones.

There will be the building up of Indian Remote Sensing Satellite, launched by the famous ISRO along with the two instruments, names SAPHIR and SCARAB will be constructed by CNES. Another crucial instrument MADRAS will get its joint engineering from CNES and ISRO. Nair even stated that this highly beneficial satellite will be launched in 2009 end. Also, he commented that some of the instruments are constructed by France and Indians will be doing the work. The satellite will offer a large number of inputs to carry on with the processes of weather forecasts and weather modulates. Both the nations will share the data regarding the satellite and India even wishes to send some astronaut to space by the year 2012 along with the manned mission for moon by 2020. Also, the very first unmanned mission Chandrayaan 1 and the nation’s first vehicle to go beyond the orbit of Earth entered the lunar orbit successfully this 8th November.

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